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Life que word, I lament

2013-11-08 09:21:11 | life

The world unfair, true manhood rare. Dust melts away in rain and blooming trees turn bare. Xiao Fengqian, tear traces to note, mindStorage for toys, Mo a monologue.

Go each our ways! Gone are our days. My sick soul groans like ropes of swing which sways. Angle sound cold, the night felt, being asked, pharynx tears Huan loaded strong.

In March January, crying, sad cry, the bleak January.

In April January, stopped, watch, January and.

The world quietly into the twilight, the rain washed the world, a taste of the wind with rain in front of channeling East West channeling the. Hanging was blown in the branches leaves fluttering dance, lying in the body can not bear to leave flowers has also been the stock with some cool breeze blowing disappeared.

The rain has stopped, the night also to. The residual water was lying in the shallow pits. Welcome the wind, stepping on the steps; walk, seeotter box iphone case, unexpectedly imperceptibly again, into the only some do not know is melancholy or desolate cherry leaf cherry trees.

Feet walk quietly, the road slowly spreads in front of us, on the face of the wind is still with a coolness in the heart.

In March the cherry blossoms open, open is like that of the United States, shallow white, a faint cherry forest. Although don't smell the smell of incense, but saw that night and the month than the mind; not see the beautiful enchanting, but saw Namo silent open for people to enjoy, and silent and indifferent; although not see huge Baner, saw the temperature fine flower also can attract to how many tears and tourists pourfashion men clothing wholesale.

Cherry blossoms in April, was buried, fall is so bleak, flowers withered, a faint cherry trees. Although you can not see the cherry trees sentimental, but saw that fasten on the branches could not bear to leave a flower stalk; although I do not know whether Miss cherry leaves overnight, but saw it down in the rain sing shallow sigh; don't see so much of the world not shed, but saw the night under a cherry tree in the cupped flowers tears fall one ground.

The night seemed to become more clear, thick cherry trees, leaf gap between anisometropia penetration into the little white moonlight, as in my face, like a pair of coagulation and how much love hand touched me, gentle, soft; in my eyes, the gentle light seems to send many tears in my eyes, I in the lower the head miss did not consciously flow out.

The rain, falls who is drunk, is that a person cry alone in the air the sentimental, or before the one in lean too anxious for.

The falling cherry blossoms, away who miss. Only a short while ago, when the cherry blossoms, holding hands to play in the fresh breeze night in play, smile your sweet drunk I how many days and nights, but now is who took your hand and you enjoy the flowers bloom, who with his arm around your delicate waist and you play on romantic themes...... Only a short while ago, want to work together with you to see that a blossom Yunjuanyunshu, only due to the reality of the sad, just add a broken dream, how many flower in the mirror in the water, trapped buried in the red rain, finally, dissipation is a dream or reality? Only a short while ago, a pen, a Xuan paper to you, that sweet smile frozen in my heart, to the last who will bury you in my heart?

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