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Bapak's View of the World and Latihan ・1・・

2017-04-25 | 日記
The background of the explanation of Bapak has the view of the world of Bapak, how to capture Bapak's own world, and how to understand it.

Then, an explanation based on that view of the world is made.

Therefore, if the audience can accept the view of the world, Bapak's explanation will be understood by listeners as consistent and reasonable.

However, on the other hand, there are all kinds of world views in the world.

Some of them will be close to Bapak's world view and some are far away.

That is the case, and for that reason only the people who can accept the view of the world of Bapak are currently accepting Latihan. <--Link

And that person is really just a part of the world.

But what Latihan means is that if he really wishes, whatever thought, belief or religion he has, it is possible to receive it if he intends to receive it.

And this is also the fact that has been confirmed over and over again.

By the way, it seems that it will be essentially that Latihan is wider than Bapak's view of the world.

It is the present situation that Bapak's view of the world is accepted only to a very small number of people in the world and it has not happened that it is accepted by all people of the world, It is unlikely to happen.

Well this is one thing you can imagine from the fact that one specific world view is accepted by all human beings, ... etc.

One thing that is acceptable to all human beings, such as one view of the world, is a dream story, which is impossible.

Well, therefore, we need to understand the desire to cherish the view of the world of Bapak, but the consequences of that.

Otherwise it sticks to the view of the world of Bapak, so it can happen that things like limiting the inclusive capacity of Latihan as a result, hindering it.

And it is obvious that such circumstances are totally overwhelmed and that it does not fit Bapak's intention.

The purpose of Latihan is not to say that Bapak's view to the world shuould be internalized by our members as ours.

Does not it?

Bapak is only one person.

That's enough for the world.

Then, we alone are enough for each one for the world.

Bapak has the unique nature of Bapak.

So, we each should be unique as well.

Impossible mimicry of Bapak ,although it is not something that can be accomplished at all.

In any case "Imitate another person" is essentially incompatible with Latihan.

Latihan is because we are the way to return to ourselves, not to others.

Then, if we refer to the view of the world, we can make it from Latihan and our own life.

It is sufficient if we have our own unique world view.

For those who walk on the path of Latihan, we need to hear Bapak's explanation.

However, individuals have to decide what to trust and to practice Latihan as their own way after hearing it.

When people ask you, "I trust Bapak and accept Latihan" is one answer.

There may be some people who answer "The only God" instead of "Bapak".

However, don't say, 'So you should do as same as I do.'

You only have to trust what you can trust.

People can choose what they can trust, so they can walk along the path of Latihan.

In that sense, Latihan's road is a highly flexible road if compared with the conventional road.

Many religions have existed on Earth.

And there are diverse human beings who believe in their diverse religions.

Therefore, it is no longer possible for all of them to be satisfied at the same time in a single concept, worldview, idea, setting of transcendental things.

This is the current situation, if you change the way of saying, "This is the limit of explanation by Words".

On the other hand, if you can continue Latihan, it seems that each person can receive each answer in a form that fits your diverse worldview.

I can not say exactly what kind of form it is given to each person, but you can get such an experience.

In other words, it is possible to obtain the satisfaction of custom-made which matched each person.

In this way Latihan goes beyond the limit of explanation by Words.

Since the nature of Latihan is such, the idea that "It is possible to explain Latihan so that everyone can convince with a single world view" or "Only the way of this explanation of Latihan is correct", I can not approve of it.

Even though it seems to have been derived from Bapak's talk, its explanation is respected and deserves worth listening, but that is not the only way that can explain Latihan.

People who say "Do not change Bapak's Words" end up saying "protect Bapak's world view".

However, Bapak did not say that a word "protect my world view".

On the contrary, "Do not really believe me, You should experience by yourself".

Well, who is saying "Protect Bapak's view of the world", does it benefit something from that?

For example, it is good to explain Bapak's view of the world to people, which makes it possible for people to respect them.

I will disturb them like that.

Bapak was saying "I am talking about reality."

Well, is reality something that we do not believe it and it will disappear unless we protect it ?

That is so, it does not mean anything to Bapak to say that we believe in Bapak's story or not believe it.

What is meaningful for Bapak is that many people start Latihan and continue it by listening to the story of Bapak.

For that reason I understand that such Bapak's efforts were made.

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