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IOTA activation from AS-043 Hachijo Island

2016-06-26 | DX news

I will QRV from Hachijo Island (AS-043) as JA0RQV/1 between 9 (08z) to 11 (01Z) July 2016. This activation is joint expedition with Nobu, JA0JHQ/1 from the same location.

  • QTH: Hachijo Island (AS-043)
  • Call sign: JA0RQV/1
  • Operator: Masato Tamura (Masa)
  • Band: 40-6m
  • Mode: SSB/CW
  • Rig and ANT : 50W, Loop/MV/DP/GP

QSL:  via direct or bureau to my home call (JA0RQV). LoTW and Clublog later.

Mailing address : Masato Tamura, 2086-13 Daitakubo, Minami-ku, Saitama-City 336-0015 JAPAN




J.A.R.A meeting

2016-04-18 | DX news

I attended meeting of Jamaica Amateur Radio Association on 17th April 2016. All J. A. R. A members welcomed me even it was sudden participation from JA. I realized that they are small group but well organized and tied up each other by strong friendship.

Left to Right – Back Row

William Reynolds (6Y5WW), Earle Robinson (6Y5ER), Maurice Sale (6Y5MS), Gavin Bellamy (6Y5GG) Michael Capleton (6Y5CM)

Left to Right – Front Row

Carole McDowell (6Y5CP), Ivor Barrett (6Y5DW), Junior Smith (6Y5SJ) Mario Tamura (JA0RQV)


QSL Card Preview (JA0RQV/6Y5)

2016-04-18 | DX news


JA0RQV/6Y5 Photo

2016-02-22 | DX news

JA0RQV/6Y5 Photo


JA0RQV/6Y5 DXpedition 2016

2016-02-20 | DX news


My callsign in Jamaica has been changed from previous announced 6Y5/JA0RQV to JA0RQV/6Y5 . This is due to the newly issued licence.

I am going to QRV from Jamaica as JA0RQV/6Y5 between 21st February to 17th April 2016. Primary QTH will be Hotel in Kingston. QRV will be mostly weekend and spare time at local time as it is business trip.

During JIDX CW Contest (9-10th April) , I will move and operate from station of Josh, 6Y5WJ :)

  • Callsign:     JA0RQV/6Y5
  • Operater :   Masa, JA0RQV
  • Schedule :   21 February - 17 April 2016
  • QTH :          Kingsoton or St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
  • Band/Mode: 160-6m/CW&SSB
  • Rig/ANT:      IC7000 (100W) / LW, Vertical 

 ((( QSL information )))

QSL cards are available via M0OXO OQRShttp://www.m0oxo.com/oqrs/
QSL via OQRS Direct (with PayPal Postage contribution) or OQRS Bureau

Please do not send cards via the bureau, they are not required.

You may also request a card via Direct Post Mail to:

Charles Wilmott (M0OXO)
60 Church Hill,
Royston, Barnsley,
South Yorkshire

Please add minimum $2.00USD and a return addressed envelope.

Please DO NOT send your card via the bureau – just request it here instead
Log enquiries should be sent to this email address;

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