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A35JP [OC-049] participate OCDX Phone

2016-10-01 | DX news

A35JP participates Oceania DX Contest Phone from Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu Island (OC-049).1-2 Octpber 2016. vy sri this is NOT OC-123.

I will QRT right after the contest and return to JA.



OC-123 postponed

2016-09-30 | DX news

I am writing this in Nuku'alofa Tonga (OC-049).

It is so sad to announce that my trip to OC-123 (Niuafo'ou Island) from 1st October 2016 had to be postponed to next year. This is all caused by very simple miss-operation of aircraft and pilot in Tongan domestic airline [REAL TONGA]. They suddenly canceled everything this important flight without enough explanation even there is my charter flight for the return from OC-123 in next week which I have already paid.

However, I will retry OC-123 in 2017. Next time I will take reliable ship/boat. Not that terrible unreliable airline. Please let me keep received donations and prepare for the charter boat.

Thank you for your understanding.


OC-123 schedule might be delayed/postponed

2016-09-23 | DX news

Domestic airline [Real Tonga] just informed me that scheduled flight to OC-123 on 28th September has been canceled due to equipment trouble, and they are trying to reschedule. Rescheduled flight might be 1st October at the earliest...

This kind of thing happens sometime but I am still trying to push them to make it earlier.

I will keep you updated at this site however there is possibility that I may have to change destination to OC-169 or OC-064 or OC-191, or stay here in OC-049 to participate in Oceania Contest-Phone as my returning international flight to JA is fixed on 7th October 2016.

In case I can not fly to OC-123 this time, I will retry in next March or April if possible.

Thank you for your understanding.



A35JP/P Niuafo'ou Island (OC-123) DXpedition 2016

2016-09-21 | DX news

I will QRV from Niaufo'ou Island (OC-123), Kingdom of Tonga as A35JP/P between 28 September to 4 October 2016. It has been 6 years since last activation of A33A  (by K6HFA). OC-123 is located 570km north of the capital Nuku'alofa, and is shaping volcanic rim approx. 8km in diameter with 650 population.

  • Callsign:    A35JP/P
  • Operator:  JA0RQV, Masa
  • Schedule:  28 September - 4 October 2016
  • QTH: Esia village, Niuafo'ou Island (OC-123)
  • Band/Mode: 80m-6m/CW&SSB
  • Rig/Ant:      IC-7300 100W/Vertical/VDA
  • QSL info.: via my home call JA0RQV, SASE (US$2)/Bureau/LoTW/Clublog
  • Mailing address:
    Masato Tamura, 2086-13 Daitakubo, Minami-ku, Saitama-city 336-0015 JAPN

It will be the most challenging DXpedition in my ham life ever because:

  • There is no water supply (only rainwater is available)
  • There is no commercial power (have to find generator in the Island)
  • There is no accommodation facilities. (not sure where will I stay...)
  • There is no internet (I will upload log after I return to civilization)
  • Lots of mosquitoooooo...
  • Very few schedule flight (only once in 3 weeks. I have to ask charter flight from Niuafo'ou to Vava'u)
  • Can not expect enough food (I must take food for a week)
  • Unreliable flight. Apology in advance that I might cancel this plan if flight canceled
  • and, sorry to say but this is business trip therefore I can QRV only in spare time.

In case flight for OC-123 canceled, I might QRV from Vava'u Is. (OC-064) or Ha'apai Is. (OC-168) instead.

 See you on the air!!


Safely arrived in A35 (19th Sep. 2016)

2016-09-20 | 日記


9/18(日)夜のニュージーランド航空NZ90便で成田を出発、オークランド経由で9/19(月)午後、トンガ王国の首都Nuku'alofaに到着しました。荷物・機材も全て無事。順調な滑り出しです。ここで1週間用事を済ませ、来週9/28(水)いよいよNiuafo'ou島 (OC-123)に向かいます。