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Log up loaded

2017-04-16 | DX news

Log of A35JP/P (Niuafo'ou Island/OC-123) were uploaded to LoTW and Club Log today, and QSL card is coming soon.


Mission complete, many thanks for the support.

2017-04-09 | DX news

I safely returned to Japan on 6th April 2017. Just in time of full-blossom of cherry. They welcomed me at Narita/Tokyo international airport, and everywhere in Japan. I feel every year that what a beautiful country our Japan is....

I would like to express my appreciation to all stations who support this very difficult activation especially special thanks to Shu, JN6RZM for his dedicated assistance from information side.

Though my mission in OC-123 was completed, I know that I must upload the log to LoTW & Clublog, and then issue QSL card.


A35JP/P OC-123 QRT after 1,600 QSOs

2017-03-31 | DX news

A35JP/P from OC-123 Niuafo'ou Island (ex. Tin Can Island) started its operation at 23rd March 2017, 0701z (First QSO JA0RUG), and QRT at 28th March 2017, 1019z (Last QSO with AI5I). Approx. 1,600 QSO were made during this period. After QRT, and after 40 hours voyage, I have safely returned Nuku'alofa now.

Because of AC power limitation (Poor generator) and Internet-free in the Island, I had to log-in by hand writing to the note-book, please let me have some time to convert from note book to e-log. Once I returned in Tokyo next week, I will upload to LoTW and Clublog as soon as possible.

My QTH was "Esia Village". I could use a room of TCC's switching station (Tonga Telecommunications Corporation) .

As I have to go to 6Y5 soon, Please wait for requesting QSL card to me for a while. QSL card might be issued from May or June. Apology for your patience.

For the time being, please enjoy some photographs on OC-123....

Thank you for all those who called me. I know that there are still many stations who need OC-123. I will be there again some time in 2019. So CU soon.





Departure postponed....

2017-03-20 | 日記

It happens sometime in South Pacific but it really happend.

Today's departure suddenly postponed to tomorrow (21st March 2017, PM6:00 Local time) by unknown reason in Tongan NAVY.

 Sorry for the delay but this is Tonga....




Ready to go!

2017-03-19 | 日記

I am going to depart Nuku'alofa port for OC-123 at 18:00 on Monday 20th March 2017, and scheduled to arrive there on Wednessday 22nd March. Everything is ready to go.

See you on the air!

DE Masa, A35JP/P, JA0RQV