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Osaka Konoike-Shinden-Kaisho

2017-07-16 21:25:54 | Museum Trip
I would like to inform Konoike-Shinden-Kaisho at HigashiOsaka city.

I ride JR from Osaka-Kyobashi to KonoikeShinden.

I walk east 8minutes from KonoikeShinden station.
Konoike-Shinden entrance is only south side.

Konoike-Shinden was made by Konoike, who was Zaibatsu at Edo period.

Konoike-Shinden-Kaisho was a controlling house for Konoike-Shinden plantation.
It was buit at 1707.
Its house is Japanese inportant culture heritage.
Its house has main house, Kura, lybrary, rice warehouse, tool warehouse.

Entrance charge is ¥300.

I enter from Omote Nagaya gate.

Main house has cooking floor, many rooms.

East end is Japanese garden.

Next is Rice warehouse.

It shows Konoike-Shinden history, and rice warehouse area.

Next is Tool warehouse.

It shows tools of rice crop.

I go to north end.
Irogawa ship is shown.

This ship is wooden ship for tranceporting rice.
North of Ura Nagaya gate has port for rice.

Return to Ura Nagaya gate, I go to Japanese garden.

Many kinds of woods are planted.

This garden is available to walk and see.

Please visit Konoike-Shinden-Kaisho, and understand Konoike Shinden history.
That's it.
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