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Mikane shrine at kyoto city

2017-05-16 13:09:00 | shrine trip
I would like to inform Mikane shrine.
I ride a subway from Kyoto to Karasuma Oike.

Get off Karasuma Oike, walk west 1km, turn right along Nishino-Toin Dori.
I arrive at Mikane shrine.

This shrine is small one and surrounded by buildings.

Golden Torii means Money.

This shrine's God is Kaneyamahiko-no-Kami.
Current this shrine is the Power spot of rising money luck.

The worshiper wishes to be blessed with lottery, stock buying and selling, horse racing and bicycle racing.
They write wishes on a butterfly-shaped ema.

The torii, main shrine, main hall, have the letter of "gold" .
Komainu has golden colored eyes, Omikuji is also gold colored.

The most popular Omamori is "Fuku wallet".

This is not sold at this self-sales area, it is sold at the company office on the right of the self-sales area.

When you press the button on the floor of the company office, the shrine comes out and sells "Fuku wallet".

I buy Fuku Wallet: 1000 yen, Dreamed Pillow: 300 yen.

Recently, there are many visitors from abroad,
Worshipers prayed with having a pretty serious faces.

This shrine is located in between Nijo castle and Kyoto Imperial Palace, please drop in this shrine after sightseeing in Kyoto.

That's it.
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