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The data can also be downloaded, recreated with

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It's been a one-way street," he said." Within minutes, a 3D printer can create a plastic replica of an object by reproducing the digital model layer by layer..So far, the Smithsonian is devoting about $350,000 annually to 3D digitization, with companies also donating equipment.

On the Wright Flyer aircraft from 1903, they have created hotspots to help explain its engine and wing design, and the user can rotate the object in all directions for a closer look. Three-dimensional models can help tell stories and create more engaging lessons, he said. But museum officials are working to raise $15 million going forward to move the 3D lab from a suburban warehouse in Maryland to a new innovation center planned for the National Mall. For other digitization efforts, the Smithsonian has engaged private partners and may even recruit volunteers to help. "It can be done.

The data can also be downloaded, recreated with a 3D printer and used to help illustrate lessons in history, art and science in schools. Some of the first 3D scans include the Wright brothers' first airplane, Amelia Earhart's flight suit, casts of President Abraham Lincoln's face during the Civil War, and a Revolutionary War gunboat. For museums that received government funding to light steel villa get their start, he said governments are now saying "what's next?""What's next is you have to reach the schools," Clough said.".Smithsonian officials said they are making a unique push into scanning a wide variety of 3D objects, ranging from an ancient whale fossil found in Chile to a 3D Image of a supernova in space. "Your relevance is going to be really based in part on how much you're contributing to the educational process for young people.Smithsonian educators are building interactive tours to view 3D models online. Less familiar objects include a former slave's horn, a missionary's gun from the 1800s, and a woolly mammoth fossil from the Ice Age."Other museums have already started digitizing artworks or making 3D scans of sculptures. They are pieces of history some people may hear about but rarely see or touch.
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