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○ Finland's academic performance Is world Best/学力世界一と言われるフィンランド、 その.....

2016-10-15 07:26:13 | ♪PFK ASAP NEWS



2016-10-15 07:26:13 ruinet


 Academic performance in Finland.


Finland called scholastic aptitude best in the world.


Finland called scholastic aptitude best in the world With a secret of its strength

Takamitsu Mashita (twenties Nagasaki Office worker) 16/10/08 PM06
I quote from a link.
Finland called scholastic aptitude best in the world

The thing which doesn't have many students who can't do for its biggest feature.
The big interest was collected in the international achievement test's by which Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development made 15 years old who go every 3 years the subject (PISA) having student's low percentage by which well is level less than 1. There is also 19% by an average of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and a student of level less than 1 also exists in 14% in Japan, surprisingly, there is only 8% in Finland.
The one with the student's so low percentage of this level is that it isn't believed suddenly. Because the one as the student to whom results aren't preferred has some learning disorders (dyslexia) often, and if its occurrence rate is 8-about 12 %, is estimated.

In other words, as far as there are no complete things because a child with a trouble should exist in reading and writing about 10 % by ordinary education technique, it won't be such low percentage.
I have no bases that a Finn is the smart race of course especially and also have few 40 percent compared with Germany in a neighborhood, Netherlands and France.
Isn't this the abnormal value (mistake of measuring) a little? It's to the extent I think so, of an investigation, a degree, because it's such percentage all the while, there seems to be a secret in a Finnish compulsory education.


The strength of Finland, well, combined class?

Finland where the percentage of the child who can't do is really quite little with 8%. The secret seems to be in a Finnish compulsory education. A Finnish compulsory education is 9 year consistent system of an elementary school for 6 years+ a junior high school for 3 years. There is a "overall school" of Onaka consistency, and it's even educated through junior high school graduation from the study front. But, "completion of a framework" meets this, and the population density is small, and maybe it's quite difficult that an elementary school achieves school of a consistent system in scattered Finland here and there. The number of enrolled students is small school of less than 100 people for 90 percent of the actual place and the Finnish elementary school, and about 70 people seem to have a junior high school and the place where a student is here only about 150 people for an average.

And I say that there are a class of a lot of combined classes by 2 grades because there is little number of enrolled students at a Finnish elementary school. 1 class was judged by 1 class and upper grades by 1 class and 3 or 4 grades by lower grades, stay here, is it feeling? The grade of the student and the age are various for the feature of the combined class, so to say that it's difficult for bullying and excessive competition to happen seems to be the feature.
Because most students have a nodding acquaintance, the school where I have little number of enrolled students leaks out to a good thing and a bad thing and also leads to good by which that's the peace.
"There is no competition at Finnish school." it's often advertised exaggeratedly with etc., I'll compete, it may be the one by which a competitor isn't just here.
While a teacher is doing the class of the specific grade again, a child of the other grades is self-teaching, so it's also the feature to tell by the way which can be studied by itself.
Because there are more chances also to experience study of another grade by a combined class, the same thing is studied more than twice by that, said, it'll be, so the fixed rate of the knowledge should also rise of course.

In other words, it may be the fact that I just say that it was to be said that it's the feature by Finnish education so because Finland was the country.
But it shouldn't be only that. There are many such countries in all over the world, it begins to be divisible.




 2016-10-15 07:26:13 ruinet




学力世界一と言われるフィンランド その強さの秘密とは
増田貴光 ( 20代 長崎 会社員 ) 16/10/08 PM06 








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Scholastic Aptitude Testとは

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