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2016-11-20 08:00:15 | ♪PFK ASAP NEWS
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2016-11-20 08:00:15 "AKIRA"

It has already started,... which won't stop any more A new-style bomb is used for Kanto area in July, 1988, and the Third Last War has broken out. And a built megalopolis = neo-Tokyo cut down Olympic holding and was taking back former prosperity in the next year on the--Tokyo Bay for 31 years.
There was a group of a motorcycle which invades a closed freeway in a neo-Tokyo suburb at night with 2019. The students of a job training high school who make the healthy excellent bad boy and Kaneda RI one DA.
Tetsuo Shima who encounters the strange shrimp who records a group on a palm with 26 on the road which should be unattended and is the first is reversed and injured. This number 26= Takashi was taken out from the army and the military secret opposed guerrilla asks= laboratory which is mistaken for Akira and is in a military base (research center) and run after by an army.
A military edge descends suddenly right in front of wonder-stricken Kaneda and others, and number 27 of children full of wrinkles like number 26= the capsule on which Masaru gets and a captain get off, come and house number 26 and Tetsuo who fell down in a helicopter, and it has flown and has passed.

Kaneda and others who received an investigation for a police officer on the next day meet beautiful girl guerrilla and Kay. She was running after "Akira", too. A captain receives information about Tetsuo's brain waves by the laboratory into which Tetsuo was carried at the time, and it's told that Tetsuo is the material of the charming study.
Tetsuo began to awake in the strange power similar to something Takashi has by continuous prescription of strong medicine, and I attacked a nurse and ran away from a laboratory.
It's assaulted by a crown of crazy drivers, but Tetsuo who blasts off on a town at night is rescued by Kaneda's party which ran. Dreadful energy wave discharged electricity from the form of "I gave an order to me, oh, A!" and Tetsuo who threatens for Kaneda who makes the member of a crown who failed to escape halfway to death and restrains. Kaneda and others astonished at the form of Tetsuo who cries "AKIRA!?" Something was changing inside Tetsuo.
Guerrilla and a gunfight of an army start at a neo-Tokyo town, and fire will be occurrence and havoc at each place. Lead person Nezu of guerrilla and founder of a religion of a new religious association Mr. MIYAKO predicted a collapse in neo-Tokyo and awakening of "Akira". Kaneda rescued Kay from a gunfight and went to the hiding place dragons of Kay's company live.

On the other hand, Tetsuo took him and a serious situation occurred by a returned laboratory.
KIYOKO of Takashi and Masaru's company (numbe

2016-11-20 08:00:15 『AKIRA』

もう始まっている、もう止まらない… 1988年7月、関東地区に新型爆弾が使用され、第三次世界大戦が勃発した。 そして31年—東京湾上に構築されたメガロポリス=ネオ東京は、翌年にオリンピック開催を控え、かつての繁栄を取り戻しつつあった。

夜の街を爆走する鉄雄は暴走族クラウンの襲撃にあうが、駆けつけた金田の一隊に救われる。逃げ遅れたクラウンの一員を半殺しにし、制止する金田に「俺に命令すんなァ!」と凄む鉄雄の体か ら、凄まじいエネルギー波が放電された。「アキラーッ!?」と叫ぶ鉄雄の姿に仰天する金田たち。鉄雄の内部で何かが変わりつつあった。
ネオ東京市街ではゲリラとアーミーの銃撃戦が始まり、各所で火災が発生、大混乱となる。ゲリラの主導者根津、 新興宗教団体の教祖ミヤコ様は、ネオ東京の崩壊と「アキラ」の覚醒を予言していた。 金田は銃撃戦からケイを救い、ケイの仲間の竜らが住むアジトへ向かった。


いまや想像を超えるパワーに覚醒しつつある鉄雄は、意識の中に現われては消える「アキラ」の存在に苛だち、狂暴な力でキヨコ達を屈服させると共に、居あわせた大佐に激しくアキラの居所を 詰問する。
アキラは目覚めたのか!?大佐はネオ東京を守るため、鉄雄もろともアキラを葬り去ろうとSOLを発射。そして金田と鉄雄の最後の戦いが始まった! 結末に向けてドラマは意外な展開をみせてゆく…。

👺 ② re-up versi.
○Future Motorcycle BMW&AKIRA///未来の二輪車が“金田のバイク”を目指すのはなぜか!?
2016-11-17 16:28:58

Is it for some reason that the future two-wheeled vehicle aims at "Kaneda's motorcycle"?

Motorcycle vehicle high technique 2016.11.11

BMW 「Motorrad Vision Next 100」
The person who can answer when that he hears even if that he doesn't ride a motorcycle "motorcycle of Kaneda who appears in AKIRA" "Well is that deep red motorcycle." will be most. The cartoon and the movie chosen as Mr. Katsuhiro Otomo of course with "AKIRA". By the way do you notice many motorcycles made rather close being close to "Kaneda's motorcycle" suddenly? Well, a stage of "AKIRA" is a fictitious city in 2019 "neo-Tokyo", and does Tokyo Olympic Games also influence accidental agreement on the opened story in next 2020? It'll be the momentum which isn't ordinary here "Kaneda's motorcycle", and I'm seeing the changing most advanced motorcycles.
The worldview of "AKIRA" which took the time before others so that I was surprised

What will happen to the future motorcycle? The animation and the movie by which it's Katsuhiro Otomo work that you can't pass since avoiding when imagining it, "AKIRA". The impact of "Kaneda's motorcycle" which also appears on a plot at the inside was enormous. It's 1988 that a movie edition was exhibited to an original work's being serialized in the "a youngster, magazine" magazine, 1982-in 1990, but there would be a lot of people on whom Motosaku's image makes as a vivid impression even now.

And it isn't only the user side that I keep running after the image. The manufacturer side where I'm a maker also seems to keep imagining "Kaneda's motorcycle" as a vision of a motorcycle. Because a manufacturer is because the motorcycle by which "AKIRA" is running about in the work is often remembered when the concept model proposed as the future motorcycle is being seen.

The concept model by which the long wheelbase, the riding position kept low, a big large diameter wheel of an existence sense and the case that electricity is adopted as the power make "Kaneda's motorcycle" and the feature clearer than the motorcycle which runs on the present road likewise is leisureless in enumeration. The concept motorcycle which commemorates the 100th anniversary of BMW establishment which has been just only announced the other day "Motorrad Vision Next 100" also embodies such feature excellently.

bike02 bike03
"Motorrad Vision Next 100" BMW released this year. It's filled with the proposition appropriate for the concept model which contemplated "the following 100 years" to load the independent function for which an electric motor was used and the function which evades an accident and make a helmet unnecessary.

Even if I look back to the concept model a domestic and abroad manufacturer of an application rear, Porsche and sea bass released in the past, it's so a lot that a model with the similar feature is surprised. The machine which makes "Kaneda's motorcycle" recall has been often also had debut



たとえバイクに乗らなくても、“AKIRAに出てくる金田のバイク”と聞けば、“あー、あの真っ赤なバイクね”と答えられる人がほとんどだろう。『AKIRA』とは、もちろん大友克洋氏による漫画・映画作品。ところで、最近目にする多くのバイクが、どうも“金田のバイク”に急接近してきていることにお気づきだろうか? 実は『AKIRA』の舞台は、2019年の架空の都市“ネオ東京”であり、翌2020年には東京オリンピックが開かれるというストーリー上の偶然の一致も影響しているのか!? ここでは尋常じゃない勢いで“金田のバイク”化している最先端のバイクたちを見ていこう。

未来のバイクはどうなっていくのだろう? とイメージした時、避けては通れないのが大友克洋作の漫画・映画『AKIRA』。そのなかでも劇中に登場する“金田のバイク”のインパクトは絶大だった。原作が『ヤングマガジン』誌上に連載されていたのは1982年~1990年、映画版が公開されたのは1988年だが、本作のイメージが今でも鮮烈な印象として残っている人は多いだろう。


現在の路上を走っているバイクより明らかに長いホイールベース、低く構えたライディングポジション、存在感の大きい大径ホイール、そして動力に電気を採用していることなど、“金田のバイク”と特徴を同じくするコンセプトモデルは枚挙に暇がない。つい先日に発表されたばかりの、BMW設立100周年を記念するコンセプトバイク『Motorrad Vision Next 100』もこうした特徴を見事に体現している。

bike02 bike03
BMWが今年発表した「Motorrad Vision Next 100」。電気モーターを利用した自立機能や事故を回避する機能を搭載し、ヘルメットを不要とする「次の100年」を見すえたコンセプトモデルらしい提案を満載。

bike04 bike05

bike06 bike07



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