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○ The «Bonnie and Clyde»Al Capone»right now America // アメリカは今“ボニーとクライド”

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WAYNE MADSEN | 03.11.2016 | WORLD -orig.
Hillary and Bill Clinton: The «Bonnie and Clyde» of American Politics

Whether the information originated from hacked e-mails and computer files or Freedom of Information Act requests, the revelations about the political and business activities of Hillary and Bill Clinton and their cronies hearken back to another era, the Great Depression of the 1930s and the crime spree of another unscrupulous couple: bank robbery desperados Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie and Clyde.
Aside from Hillary Clinton running her own lucrative «off-the-books» foreign policy via her private email servers and e-mail chain of associates and flunkies, it was her and her husband’s joint Clinton Foundation and Teneo Capital operations that scream out the word «corruption.» The servers were merely a mechanism by which the Clintons ran their own «pay-to-play» racketeering operation, something that would have been the envy of a contemporary of Bonnie and Clyde, Chicago crime boss Al Capone.

Teneo, which runs a hedge fund operation and a «private intelligence» service jam-packed with former Central Intelligence Agency operatives, is where Mrs. Clinton’s «gal pal» and aide Huma Abedin worked simultaneously to her government employment with the State Department. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s probe of 650,000 emails found on the laptop computer of disgraced former New York Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Abedin, is but the proverbial tip of the iceberg. While FBI agents pore through Abedin’s emails that were discovered on the laptop and looking Mrs. Clinton’s emails that were either not destroyed by her aides or which were never accounted for, the real story is the FBI’s investigation of the Clinton Foundation and Teneo.

Five FBI field offices are investigating the racketeering of the foundation and the foreign connections of Teneo. The offices include New York; Los Angeles; Washington, D.C.; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Miami. Little Rock is the home of the Clinton Foundation, while New York is the home base of Teneo. The addition of the Miami field office to the Clinton probe is significant. One of Teneo Intelligence’s many global offices is located in Bogota, Colombia. A secretive Colombian private equity fund, «Fondo Acceso», financed by Mexican mega-billionaire Carlos Slim and Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra, is run out of the Clinton Foundation’s Bogota office. Tracking the money being fed into the Clinton Foundation may include proceeds from the illegal narcotics traffic in Colombia and other nearby countries. The Bogota activities of the Clinton Foundation, «Fondo Acceso», which ironically means «Access Fund», and Teneo appear to be concentrated in the Chico Business Park in the Colombian capital. Therefore, the involvement of the Miami office, in investigating Clinton Foundation funding, including the major donations from Slim and Giustra, makes a world of sense.

Teneo was co-founded by longtime Bill Clinton associate Doug Band, who served in Clinton’s White House Counsel’s Office and later as Clinton’s chief aide in the Clinton Foundation and its associated Clinton Global Initiative. Band’s brother is Bill Clinton’s medical doctor who accompanies the ex-president on foreign trips. Doug Band was the point person who lobbied the incoming Barack Obama administration in 2008 to appoint Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Mrs. Clinton’s tenure at State ensured that there was little separation between her department, the Clinton Foundation and Global Initiative, and Teneo. Abedin served as Mrs. Clinton’s «transition team» leader as the Secretary of State left the department to launch her presidential candidacy after the November 2012 election. From that time on, Mrs. Clinton, Abedin, Doug Band, Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta, and others engaged in an email flurry to 1) ensure that the files in the private servers were either scrubbed or sanitized; 2) to officially sever all links between them and the Clinton Foundation and Teneo; and 3) to paint a picture for the public that all was well and legal with Mrs. Clinton’s term as America’s chief foreign policy executive. Unfortunately, the entire Clinton team has been exposed with the publication of emails from Mrs. Clinton’s swearing in as Secretary of State in 2009 to after she launched her campaign for the White House in 2013.

The picture painted by the emails is one of modern-day gangsters milking everything they possibly could out of supposed public service.

The FBI’s New York field office is also likely looking at Teneo’s dealings with other Clinton allies. It was Teneo that advised former New Jersey Democratic Governor Jon Corzine's MF Global investment firm as it was collapsing amid charges of major fraud by Corzine, a Clinton loyalist. It is also known as Mrs. Clinton communicated with President Obama over her private server and that Obama used a pseudonym. Obama lied to the American people when he stated that he first learned of the existence of Mrs. Clinton’s server from news media reports. There is little wonder why Obama has refused to condemn FBI director James Comey for re-launching his probe of the Clinton emails, based on the discovery of the additional traffic on Weiner’s laptop. Presidents who dug themselves deep into scandals by lying about «what they knew and when they knew it» helped sink the administration of Richard Nixon and almost cost Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton their presidencies. Obama was wise not to interfere in the FBI’s many criminal cases now building up like a tidal wave against Mrs. Clinton.

The many Clinton scandals also involve the illegal shipment of U.S.- and foreign-manufactured weapons to jihadist rebels in Libya and Syria against U.S. law. When Clinton and Abedin oversaw the jihadist rebellions in both countries, the U.S. was subject to imposing a United Nations arms embargo directed against both civil war theaters. The sudden decision on October 5, 2016, by the Justice Department to drop all charges against the State Department-licensed Turi Defense Group of Arizona and its owner, Marc Turi, for violating U.S. law by shipping unregistered weapons to Libyan rebels, some of which were transferred to Syrian rebels by the CIA station in Benghazi, indicates that Attorney General Loretta Lynch wanted the Turi case to disappear before the November 8th election.

The federal trial of Turi and his company was due to begin on November 8th. The indictment of Turi was brought in the U.S. Court for the District of Arizona in Phoenix. Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport was the scene of an impromptu and highly-questionable tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch on June 27, 2016. Turi claims that approval for the secret weapons shipments to Libya and onward to Syria were personally approved by Mrs. Clinton and had a green light from the CIA. Any new email or other evidence that Mrs. Clinton authorized illegal weapons shipments to jihadist terrorists would have required the FBI to broaden its investigation of both Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as Lynch. Mrs. Clinton may have violated federal law by permitting the shipment of weapons to belligerent parties in Libya and Syria; Mr. Clinton may have obstructed justice in talking to the Attorney General; and Lynch may have violated her oath of office in misusing her position as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer in furtherance of a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice.

The Clinton scandal, in many ways, resembles the Iran-Contra episode more than it does Watergate. In Watergate, the cover-up by Nixon and his cronies, in many respects, was worse than the original crimes. In Iran-Contra, the arms and drugs smuggling crimes were equal to the cover-up, including the criminal role of then-Vice President George H. W. Bush in the entire affair. With the Clintons’ «E-mailgate», shipping U.S. weapons to terrorists and accepting foreign campaign donations from dodgy regimes in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Qatar are every bit as bad as the obvious ensuing cover-up by Hillary Clinton and her and her husband's cronies.

If these many cases are what the FBI and its offices in Washington, New York, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Miami, and possibly Phoenix, are now looking at, the FBI director had every right and a constitutional responsibility to inform Congress and the voting public. And FBI director Comey has every right not to tip off to the Clinton gang what he and the bureau may have on them, evidence demanded now by Mrs. Clinton and her supporters. This evidence may become material to the impeachment of Mrs. Clinton from the office of president of the United States should she be elected on November 8th.

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2016年11月 7日 (月)

ヒラリーとビル・クリントン: アメリカ政治の“ボニーとクライド”

Strategic Culture Foundation


ヒラリー・クリントンが、個人電子メール・サーバーと、お仲間・追従者の電子メール連鎖を利用して、大いに儲かる“帳簿外の”外交政策を運営していたことはさておき“汚職”という単語を金切り声で叫んでいるのは、彼女と夫共同のクリントン財団と、テネオ・キャピタルの事業だ。サーバーは、シカゴの犯罪ボス、アル・カポネが羨んだであろう、クリントンが現代のボニーとクライドとして、連中自身の違法行為で儲ける“参加するなら金を支払え ペイ・トゥー・プレイ”事業を運営する為の仕組みだったにすぎない。




クリントンの国務長官在任中は、国務省、クリントン財団とグローバル・イニシアティブとテネオの垣根はほとんど無い状態だった。アベディンは、2012年11月以降、大統領選挙を始めるべく、国務長官を辞任した際、クリントンの“移行チーム”リーダーをつとめた。その時以来、クリントン、アベディン、ダグ・バンド、クリントン選対本部長ジョン・ポデスタや他の連中は 1)個人サーバー中のファイルを、必ず消し去るか、秘密にするべき情報を取り除くため。2) 公式に、彼らと、クリントン財団とテネオとの全てのつながりを断ち切るため。更に、3) 公には、アメリカ外交政策トップとしてのクリントン任期中の全てが問題なく、合法だという形を描き出すため、電子メール騒ぎに加わっていた。不幸にして、2009年クリントンが国務長官就任宣誓し、2013年に、大統領選挙戦を開始して以来の電子メールが公表され、クリントン・チーム丸ごと暴露されてしまったのだ。


FBIのニューヨーク出張所も、クリントンの他のお仲間とテネオの取り引きを捜査している可能性が高い。クリントン支持者、元ニュージャージー州民主党知事ジョン・コーザインによる重大な詐欺のかどで告訴される中、コーザインのMFグローバル・インベストメント社が崩壊しつつあった際に助言したのは、テネオだった。クリントンは、オバマ大統領と、彼女の個人サーバー経由で通信しており、オバマが偽名を使っていたことも知られている。クリントンのサーバーの存在を、マスコミ報道で初めて知ったと言った際、オバマは、アメリカ人にウソをついたのだ。オバマが、ウィーナーのラップトップ中の更なるやりとり発見に基づくクリントン電子メール捜査再開で、ジェームズ・コミーFBI長官を非難するのを拒否したのも、全く不思議ではない。“彼らが知っていたこと、そして、いつそれを知ったか”に関するウソ・スキャンダルの深みにはまった大統領は、リチャード・ニクソン政権を潰し、ロナルド・レーガンと、ビル・クリントンもすんでのところで大統領の座を失うところだった. オバマが、今やクリントンに対する津波のように高まりつつあるFBIの多数の刑事事件に干渉しないのは賢明だ。

多くのクリントン スキャンダルは、アメリカ法に違反して、アメリカ製や、外国製の兵器を、リビアとシリア国内の聖戦反政府派に対して違法に輸出したことにもからんでいる。クリントンとアベディンが、両国内の聖戦反乱を監督していた間、アメリカは、両方の内戦戦域に向けた国連武器禁輸を課することになっていた。2016年10月5日の、国務省が承認した、アリゾナ州のトゥリ・ディフェンス・グループと、そのオーナー、マーク・トゥリが、アメリカ法に違反して、無登録の兵器をリビア反政府派に輸出し、その一部が、ベンガジのCIA支局によって、シリアの反政府派に送られたことに対する全ての告訴を取り下げるという司法省による突然の決定は、ロレッタ・リンチ司法長官が、トゥリ事件を11月8日の選挙前に、消したがっていたことを示唆している。


クリントン・スキャンダルは、多くの点で、ウォーターゲートというよりも、イラン-コントラ事件に良く似ている。ウォーターゲートでは、ニクソンと、彼の取り巻きによる隠蔽は、多くの点で、大本の犯罪より悪質だった。イラン-コントラでは、事件全体の上で、当時の副大統領ジョージ・H. W. ブッシュが果たした犯罪的役割を含め、兵器と麻薬密輸犯罪は、隠蔽と同等だった。アメリカ兵器をテロリストに輸出し、サウジアラビアや、モロッコやカタールの怪しい政権による外国からの資金寄付を受け入れているクリントンの“E-メール・ゲート”は、ヒラリー・クリントンと夫の取り巻き連中による隠蔽同様、全て、酷いものなのは明らかだ。





TPP強行採決直前に緊急来日!「TPP協定をやる意味がわからない!」オークランド大学のジェーン・ケルシー教授に岩上安身が単独インタビュー!! 2016.10.31
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