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◯ Cancer Killing Fruit Threatens To Destroy Pharmaceutical Industry//フルーツが殺す癌は製薬業界を破壊する恐れ

2017-04-24 02:47:03 | fuckin Health & Med. 最先端. 健康と医学

2017-04-24 02:47:03 Global News

Cancer Killing Fruit Threatens To Destroy Pharmaceutical Industry

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– Scientists Find Fruit In Australia Capable Of Killing Cancer, Mainstream Media Stays Silent:

Already, 1 in 2 people is expected to develop cancer in their lifetimes. That’s 50% of all humans on Earth. If a potential cure was found, one would expect to see it broadcasted on every mainstream media site, correct? Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Regardless, this recent discovery is worth knowing about and passing along to others.

According to ABC News, an eight-year-long study led by Dr. Glen Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer medical research institute in Brisbane, has confirmed that a compound in a rare berry which grows exclusively in Australia is capable of killing tumors. The flushed berry, also known as the Hylandia dockrillii, has a unique compound called EBC-46 that kills head and neck tumors as well as melanomas. In approximately 75% of the cases, says Dr. Boyle, the cancer cells did NOT come back.

He explains:

“There’s a compound in the seed – it’s a very, very complicated process to purify this compound and why it’s there in the first place, we don’t know. The compound works by three ways essentially: it kills the tumour cells directly, it cuts off the blood supply and it also activates the body’s own immune system to clean up the mess that’s left behind.”

Scientists are astounded by how fast the compound in the flushed berry works, as well as the lack of side effects caused by the treatment. In trials, the drug took effect within five minutes and tumors disappeared within days.

“Usually when you treat a tumour it takes several weeks for it to resolve, but this is very, very rapid,” explains Dr. Boyle. “There’s a purpling of the area, of the tumour itself, and you see that within five minutes and you come back the next day and the tumour’s black and you come back a few days later and the tumour’s fallen off.”

The first trials were conducted on rats, horses, and dogs, which is why Dr. Boyle and his team are eager to continue pre-clinical trials to test its effectiveness on humans. The video above shares the incredible experience of the first woman to partake in a trial.

If the berry proves to be effective in fighting cancer in people, Dr. Boyle says it will need to be offered as an additional treatment option, rather than a replacement for chemotherapy or surgery. Specifically, he says elderly patients who can’t go through another round of chemotherapy, or who can’t go through another general anesthetic, should be offered the treatment.

For holistic physicians, such as Dr. Lodi whose specialty is combating cancer utilizing low-dose chemotherapy and plant-based diets, the berry might offer another powerful method of helping the body from cancer naturally.

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- G.エドワード・グリフィン-がんのない世界-ビタミンB17の物語- Laetrile(ドキュメンタリー)

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- 研究:ブドウ種子抽出物は、24時間以内に白血病癌細胞の76%を殺します


- 科学者たちは、主流メディアは、サイレント滞在、がんを殺すことができるオーストラリアでフルーツを探します:


よるとABCニュース、ブリスベンのQIMR Berghofer医学研究所から、博士はグレン・ボイル率いる8年間にわたる研究は、オーストラリアでのみ育つ珍しい果実中の化合物は、腫瘍を死滅させることが可能であることを確認しました。またHylandiaのdockrilliiとして知られているフラッシュベリーは、頭頸部腫瘍などの黒色腫を殺すEBC-46と呼ばれる独特の化合物を持っています。症例の約75%で、言う博士はボイル、癌細胞が戻ってきませんでした。


「化合物は、種子にあります -それは、この化合物を精製するのに非常に、非常に複雑なプロセスだし、それが最初の場所にありますなぜ、私たちは知りません。化合物は、本質的に3つの方法で動作します。それは、腫瘍細胞を殺すことは血液供給を遮断し、それはまた、背後に残って混乱を一掃するために身体自身の免疫系を活性化し、直接「。






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