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○ Tecumseh's CURSE //【テカムセの呪い】米国大統領:ヒラリーが勝ってもトランプが勝っても任期期間中の4年以内に••

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[Curse of Tecumseh] even if cards excel even if Hillary excels, the 45th generation American President of the United States of America dies within 4 years during a tenure of office period.

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[Curse of Tecumseh] I say that the 45th generation American President of the United States of America dies within 4 years during a tenure of office period even if cards excel even if Hillary excels.

The American President of the United States of America dies of a curse of Tecumseh during a tenure of office period in 20 year cycle.

Hillary is sick and dies already.
A policy is unskillful and cards are killed by a citizen of a dissatisfied person.

Where is it said that the American President of the United States of America changes within SHIRO 4 years?

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〓(2) wiki
Curse of Tecumseh
The curse by which the curse of Tecumseh (slack Tecumseh's curse ) is made the cause of a series of affair to the American president who starts from a death by the pneumonia of 9th generation American president William H and Harrison.

The outline

I say that this curse is made the one which chooses tribe's territory as chief Tecumseh of the Indian tribe who was deprived of by a Caucasian and killed by William Harrison by a war of TIPIKANU in 1811 and a show knee hot rodder (or, brother TENSUKUWATAWA inTecumseh which was a prophet). The "curse" is called the one by which the president's death chosen every 20 years was cursed. You assume that his mother cursed when Tecumseh died of several material, but there is no firm evidence. There is also no clear authorship where we assume that a series of affair depends on "Indian curse" again.

On the other hand I always related to "curse of Tecumseh" and wasn't told for Robert RIROI replay's introducing this as "strange law" irrespective of a curse in the own book "that I won't believe to believe it" before Reagan president assassination attempted crime since ton of a series of U.S. president died and arrived.

Victim of "curse" Edit

An elected president has died of everyone during being in office in the year which divides by 20 by 1960 from 1840. (An elected president records in the year which divides by 20 besides the period as reference, too.)

1800- 1826 of 17 years later of Thomas Jefferson have died, expiration of term and retiring.
1820- 1831 of 6 years later of James Monroe have died, expiration of term and retiring.
1840- William H and Harrison have died of pneumonia on April 4, 1841.
1860- Abraham Lincoln has been assassinated on April 14, 1865.
1880- James Garfield has been assassinated on July 2, 1881.

1900- William McKinley has been assassinated on September 14, 1901.
1920 years - a fish ream, G and Harding have died of a heart attack on August 2, 1923.
1940- Franklin D. Roosevelt has died of cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1945.
1960- John F. Kennedy has been assassinated on November 22, 1963.
1980- 2004 when Ronald Reagan is 15 years later of attempted assassination, expiration of term and retiring on March 30, 1981.
2000- George W. Bush had several accidents (mentioning), but I live expiration of term.
Zachary Taylor (the only president who is elected besides the year which divides by 20 and has died during being in office) are elected in 1848, and I have died of indigestion by overeating of a fruit in 1850 (A poisoning opinion also existed, it was denied by a later study.)

Further among them, Lincoln, McKinley and anyone but F. Roosevelt set election at the beginning (only) to the year which divides by 20 and have died in whole term of office at the beginning (only).

The curse in 0 (zero-year curse), the curse in 20 (twenty-year curse), the curse of TIPIKANU (curse of Tippecanoe) and the president's curse (presidential curse) are called.

Death of a curse

It was elected by a president in 1980, but Reagan has fulfilled tenure of office of (Reagan president assassination attempted crime referring) and 2 periods and 8 years though he meets attempted assassination on just after March 30, 1981.

President elected George W. Bush threw a grenade during a speech in Georgia on the 2nd period of May 10, 2005 in 2000, too, but it falls through and I fulfil tenure of office in 8 for 2 periods and also live at present. While a pretzel was being also eaten in 2002 in these other ones, he fainted, and fainted and got injured in a face, but President Bush avoided suffocation. Shoes can be thrown at an Iraqi reporter just before the expiration of term, I'll soon wind, they avoided and were unhurt (shoes of Busch).

Therefore president's so-called unexpected death by "curse of Tecumseh" was a conclusion as just accident.

But there are a lot of people who still believe "curse of Tecumseh". Though Reagan is hit by a bullet in assassination attempted crime about Reagan, there is "curse of Tecumseh" certainly by the case that I survived by only 1 inch of difference, and there are people who think that was broken, too. On the other hand, there are people who think Reagan was dead when there were no hospitals around here, too. Though an assassination is avoided and tenure of office is fulfilled, Reagan is diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease in 1994, and there are people who believe a curse to have made Reagan suffer because Reagan didn't die of an assassination case, too. Reagan, a presidential election, from of I have died in 2004 after an about quarter of a century.

Several Christian groups considered "curse" seriously, and prayed that President Reagan in 1980 and President Bush in 2000 are protected from misfortune. Since 1920, a similar group is praying equally. Intercessors for America believes one which is soon "American pacificator" to have broken a curse by "war prayer" in 1980.

The pattern of 20 years was written in the comics published in 1934 "Ripley's Believe It or Not!".

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テカムセの呪い(テカムセののろい、Tecumseh's curse)は、第9代アメリカ合衆国大統領ウィリアム・H・ハリソンの肺炎による死去から始まるアメリカ合衆国大統領への一連の出来事の原因とされる呪い。


この呪いは、部族の領土を白人に奪われ1811年にティピカヌーの戦いでウィリアム・ハリソンに殺されたインディアン部族、ショーニー族の酋長テカムセ (あるいは予言者であったテカムセの兄弟テンスクワタワ)によるものとされるという。その「呪い」は20年ごとに選ばれる大統領の死を呪ったものといわれる。いくつかの資料では、テカムセが死んだとき彼の母親が呪いをかけたとされるが、確固たる証拠はない。また一連の出来事が「インディアンの呪い」によるものとする明瞭な出所もない。


「呪い」の犠牲者 編集


1800年 - トーマス・ジェファーソン、任期満了、退任17年後の1826年に死去した。
1820年 - ジェームズ・モンロー、任期満了、退任6年後の1831年に死去した。
1840年 - ウィリアム・H・ハリソン、1841年4月4日に肺炎で死去した。
1860年 - エイブラハム・リンカーン、1865年4月14日に暗殺された。
1880年 - ジェームズ・ガーフィールド、1881年7月2日に暗殺された。

1900年 - ウィリアム・マッキンリー、1901年9月14日に暗殺された。
1920年 - ウオレン・G・ハーディング、1923年8月2日に心臓発作で死去した。
1940年 - フランクリン・ルーズベルト、1945年4月12日に脳溢血で死去した。
1960年 - ジョン・F・ケネディ 、1963年11月22日に暗殺された。
1980年 - ロナルド・レーガン、1981年3月30日に暗殺未遂、任期満了、退任15年後の2004年に死去した。
2000年 - ジョージ・W・ブッシュ、いくつか事故(後述)があったが任期満了、存命中である。


0年の呪い (zero-year curse)、20年の呪い (twenty-year curse)、ティピカヌーの呪い (curse of Tippecanoe)、大統領の呪い (presidential curse) とも呼ばれる。






いくつかのキリスト教団体は「呪い」を真剣に考え、1980年のレーガン大統領および2000年のブッシュ大統領が災厄から守られるように祈願した。1920年以来、同様の団体が同様の祈願を行っている。そのうちの一つ「アメリカの仲裁者」Intercessors for America は1980年の「戦争祈願」で呪いを破ったと信じている。

1934年に出版されたコミック『Ripley's Believe It or Not!』に20年のパターンの記述がなされた。
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