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○ The Fukushima Crisis1036/// Record radiation level 530Sv "COULD KILL HUMAN"//超異常 530シーベルトの放射能漏れ!!!

2017-02-12 04:32:37 | ♪PFK ASAP NEWS
2017-02-12 04:32:37 GlobalNews. TheGuardian.com

Record radiation level detected at Fukushima reactor “unimaginable,” could kill human from even brief exposure
Feb 07 2017

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– Record radiation level detected at Fukushima reactor “unimaginable,” could kill human from even brief exposure:

Radiation levels inside a damaged nuclear reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan have hit a record high since the plant suffered a triple nuclear meltdown almost six years ago. The latest readings – described by experts as “unimaginable” – now pose a serious challenge as officials prepare to dismantle the disaster-hit facility safely.

Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco), the plant’s operator, said atmospheric readings inside the containment reactor No 2 are as high as 530 sieverts an hour, which is far greater than the previous record of 73 sieverts an hour. Reactor No 2 is one of three reactors that experienced a nuclear meltdown when the plant was crippled by a huge earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. (RELATED: See more news about the Fukushima disaster at FukushimaWatch.com)

A one-square-meter hole created by melting nuclear fuel
Tepco said recent image analysis revealed a one-square-meter hole in the metal grating beneath the reactor’s pressure vessel. The hole was probably created by melting nuclear fuel that penetrated the vessel, Tepco’s spokesman Tatsuhiro Yamagishi told AFP. Also, for the first time since the disaster, images were released showing dark lumps beneath reactor No 2. Experts believe the dark matter to be melted uranium fuel rods.

Even though specially-made robots designed to probe the underwater depths around the reactors have previously crumbled and shut down due to the highly toxic conditions, Tepco intends to send another remote-controlled robot to check the actual conditions inside the containment vessel.

The robot, however, will not last long. They are designed to withstand exposure to a total of 1,000 sieverts, meaning it will only survive for less than two hours in the presence of these dangerously high radiation levels. Nonetheless, Tepco’s spokesman Tatsuhiro Yamagishi said that the captured images will offer very useful information regarding the actual conditions inside the reactor.

A huge challenge in the history of nuclear power
These extraordinary high readings will make it very hard, and dangerous, for thousands of workers involved in dismantling the power plant, a process expected to take about four decades. Furthermore, medical professionals have never considered dealing with this level of radiation in their work, an official of the National Institute of Radiological Sciences told Japan Today.

To give you an idea of the severity, radiation doses of only 0.1 sieverts already significantly increase the risk of cancer. A single dose of one sievert is enough to cause radiation sickness, nausea, infertility, loss of hair, and cataracts. Exposure to five sieverts could kill half of those exposed within a month while a single dose of 10 sieverts could prove fatal within weeks.

After six years, Tepco and its business partners at the Fukushima Daiichi plant have yet to identify the location and condition of melted fuel in the three most severely damaged nuclear reactors. As reported by The Guardian, “the government has now estimated the cost of decommissioning the plant and decontaminating the surrounding area, as well as paying compensations and storing radioactive waste, to rise to 21.5tn yen [or about $190 billion],” which is nearly double the estimate released in 2013.

Even if they manage to clean up this nuclear mess shortly, Yosuke Yamashiki, Doctor of Engineering from Kyoto University, told RT that the complete reduction of the radiation will take hundreds of thousands of years. (RELATED: For more info on how to prepare yourself for future disasters, visit Preparedness.news)






H/t reader squodgy:

“Is it possible the TEPCO propaganda machine has run out of steam ?
Is it now so bad they are releasing three year old news as new?”

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2017-02-12 04:32:37 GlobalNews. TheGuardian.com

"、想像を絶する「福島の原子炉で検出されたレコードの放射線レベルがあって 短時間の暴露から人間を殺すことができます
Feb 07 2017


- 福島原子炉で検出されたレコードの放射線レベルは「想像を絶する」であって 短時間の暴露から人間を殺すことができます:

福島原子炉は、ほぼ6年前に三重核メルトダウンを被ったため、日本の福島第一原子力発電所の損傷した原子炉内部の放射線レベルは高い記録を直撃しています。最新の測定値 - 「想像を絶する」などの専門家による説明は - 当局者が安全に被災施設を解体するための準備として、今重大な挑戦を提起します。







6年後、福島第一工場で東電とそのビジネスパートナーは、3最も深刻な損傷を受けた原子炉で溶融した燃料の位置と状態を識別するためには至っていません。報告されているようにガーディアンであり、これは「政府が今、21.5tn円[または約$ 190億]に上昇し、工場を廃止し、周辺地域の汚染除去、ならびに補償を支払うと放射性廃棄物を貯蔵のコストを推定しています」ほぼ2013年にリリースされた推定値を2倍になります。







H /トンリーダーsquodgy:


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