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After three waves of feminism why are men still obligated to spend three months of salary on expensive engagement rings

Engagement(Marriage): After three waves of feminism why are men still obligated to spend three months of salary on expensive Engagementrings?

Buying a ring is purely a symbolic gesture leftover from the patriarchy.By blowing thousands of dollars on a worthless tiffany sale: diamond the man is demonstrating to the woman that he can take the loss because he such a great provider.

The"Two month salary Guideline" was invented and promoted by De Beers to increase Theaverage amount spent for an engagement ring. It been 15 years since I wrote advertising for them, but I clearly remember Themissive from Thecompany with research information showing that men who were aware of The"Guideline"Spent an average of(I think) 30 percent more on their ring than men who had not gotten Themarketing message.

This is actually pretty brilliant as a marketing Tiffany Rings Buy ploy because it frames the purchase within a sliding scale.And as a matter of fact, before de beers got into the act, the idea of a diamond engagement ring was fairly uncommon.

De beers has recently jumped on the feminist train by promoting the idea that women should Tiffany Bracelets Sale show off their independent and self-Loving side by wearing a diamond ring on their right hand, which they purchase themselves.

I not putting down anyone(Male or female)Who wants a sparkly ring, whether you purchase your own or convince a significant other to do so is your business, and makes you no less of a person.But people should know the salary guideline(It may be up to three months now)Is a product of marketing, pure and simple.

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