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With so many features added to single machine

2017-06-30 11:09:47 | 日記
With so many features added to single machine, it can be a little confusing to operate and takes on the appearance of an octopus (a four-armed octopus, that is). This can be a problem when it results in increased lead times, which can sometimes happen. It also has a fairly large footprint, which can make storage inconvenient. These features are the hallmark of Akiles binders and make the DuoMac C51 a best-in-class option.

In addition, the Duomac C51 includes a free pair of coil crimpers for finishing your 5:1 pitch coil bound documents. Many prefer this style for its tightly wound professional look. In addition, the DuoMac C51 includes a wire closer , like other DuoMac wire binding machines, allowing you use it for Shrinking Machine binding documents with 19 loop spiral-O wire.

Finally, the DuoMac C51 includes the same great features as are found in other Akiles binding machines such as depth of punch margin controls, continuous punching guides and multiple handle operation for added control and functionality.


The Akiles Duomac C51 is extremely well-built, made almost entirely of metal and is designed to stand up in a professional environment. It just depends on your binding needs, but both choices work well and are easily available.


Although this machine is extremely versatile and offers many benefits, there are a few noteworthy limitations. From internal documents to client presentations, binding needs and materials change depending on the project. Also, unless you are looking specifically for the 5:1 pitch coil, you might want to consider the Duomac C41 which offers the same features with a 4:1 pitch coil punch instead of the 5:1.


TheAkiles DuoMac C51 is highly recommended for users who are looking for a high quality 5:1 pitch coil binding machine or a comb binding machine.

If coil binding is your preference, you will probably want to you purchase a stand-alone coil inserter. This 5:1 pitch (or 5 holes per one inch) is a special variety of spiral coil more tightly wound than standard 4:1 pitch coil. For users who do a great deal of spiral coil binding, the addition of a stand-alone inserter such as the Roll-A-Coil is highly suggested. It Granule Packing Machine is not the machine for you if you are looking for easy, tuck-away storage.

With most binding machines built to offer one binding style, the DuoMac C51 offers three completely different looks for your documents - from cost-effective plastic-comb binding for combs from 3/16" to 2" in diameter, to .


Among its many, innovative features, this versatile machine has the only plastic comb / 5:1 pitch spiral coil combination machine available on the market, including a punch for the plastic comb pattern and for the 5:1 pitch spiral coil pattern, with a comb opener to help page insertion. This is especially true when attempting to order non-standard colors or sizes of wire binding material. The DuoMac line allows you to combine two different binding styles quickly and easily into one machine with plastic combs or 5:1 pitch spiral coil, for maximum flexibility.

The spiral-o wire binding and 5:1 pitch coil binding that the machine uses are not nearly as common as other binding systems.

Sometimes just one binding style isn't enough. These coil crimpers are necessary and highly effective for cutting and bending the ends of the coil for a perfect finish - every time. In fact, these machines are often chosen by print shops, binderies, copy centers and corporate offices, for maximum volumes and high quality binding ability. Either way, you will end up with a highly efficient, well-constructed and versatile binding system that you can use for years to come. The answer? The Akiles DuoMac binding machine. Though this machine has almost everything else you could want in a binder, it is noticeably missing an electric spiral coil inserter. In addition, the DuoMAc C51 is an excellent machine at an excellent value.5:1 pitch spiral coil binding.

. This machine includes all of the features you will need to bind with combs, coil and wire
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