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Tea Bag Packing Machine concrete bricks in only 60 minutes

2017-06-19 11:14:20 | 日記
Tea Bag Packing Machine concrete bricks in only 60 minutes. And the straightforward apparatus that spewed out all those construction blocks has no motors, no gears, no hydraulic systems, and no other complex hardware. In fact, it's entirely manually operated! And with the production capacity that it has, this little machine is far more than just a unique combination of steel and wood . . . it's a rather fantastic small business all neatly packaged and mounted on three wheels that, if you like, you might even just hitch up to your car and tow home!

This amazing piece of equipment is the brainchild of Jack Dameron and David and Daniel Dennis, all of Austin. Together, the three men are Methods Manufacturing, Inc . . . . and they've been calling their compact 500-pound machine the "Mobile Maker". David, however, says that MMI is changing the brickmaker's name to "Mold Master" in the States . . . and it's already becoming known as "Adobero" (Mud Mule) in Mexico, where the machine is also being marketed.

It was Dameron who originally sparked the trio into developing the Mold Master. Jack had been working in one end or another of the concrete brick and adobe block business for roughly 20 years, and he was well aware of the need within the trade for just such a contrivance.Not that MMI's Mud Mule is the first piece of equipment ever developed for the manufacture of concrete bricks or adobe blocks. It's not. A number of other machines and production methods, in fact, have been devised for the fabrication of such construction materials.

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