There are a number of types of light fixtures and bulbs used in industrial settings

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When you take it out of the home and put it into an industrial setting, task lighting takes on a whole new meaning. The right industrial machine lighting can increase productivity, promote safety and reduce accidents and injuries in your factory. In addition to making your workplace safer, the right industrial light choices can reduce your lighting costs, both by reducing energy usage and by reducing replacement costs. So what should you know before you decide on the best industrial machine choices for your needs?

Types of Industrial Light

There are a number of types of light fixtures and bulbs used in industrial settings, so choosing the best one for your needs depends a great deal in exactly what those needs are.

For general lighting, standard fluorescent tube lights probably serve your needs. Fluorescent bulbs are more energy efficient and cost-effective than most other types of lighting, and they provide ample lighting for most general tasks. There are, however, some situations where you will want to provide a customized lighting solution. One of the most important of these situations is the right fixture to provide task lighting for those working at a machine.

Why Industrial Machine Lighting?

Overhead lighting is not very effective when it comes to lighting work areas, particularly work areas on machinery. The workspace is often obscured by the worker's own shadow or by the shadow of the machine itself. That's why a number of manufacturers have developed lighting solutions that can be mounted on specific machines like lathes, mills and punch presses. Adequate lighting for machine tasks is essential for worker safety and accuracy. A lathe light or mill light that mounts on the machine and directs illumination at the work platform makes it easier for workers to see what they're doing, avoid accidents and perform their work with precision.

Forms and Formats

Industrial machine lighting comes in many forms, shapes, sizes and price ranges, so it can be confusing to find the particular machine light that's right for your needs. In some cases, you can simply search for a lathe light or a mill light, but you should also understand a few other elements to help you narrow your search. These include:

Output: Usually calibrated in lumens, this tells you how much light the bulb and fixture actually direct to the work surface.

Use: some lights are designed to be used for specific purposes, and will be listed under their applications, such as task lighting, machine lighting or general lighting.

Budget: Obviously, your budget will make a difference in your final choice. It is possible to find industrial lighting for nearly every use at nearly every price point.

Energy Use: Look for energy efficient lighting to save energy - and money on your energy bills - over time. Many of the best industrial lighting choices are highly energy efficient.

Worker and Workplace Safety: As noted, proper lighting at machine stations can reduce your worker injury rates. This will, in turn, bring down your insurance costs and workers' comp-related costs.

One of the best solutions for industrial machine lighting is the Dur-A-Lite, which was originally developed as a punch press light. The lighting element is encased in a protective case, making it the ideal choice for machine lighting.

If you need more information on choosing the best industrial machine lighting for your factory or workshop, take the time to consult an expert about task lighting needs. You'll be assured of getting the best lighting options for your needs, which will result in savings and higher productivity among your workers.

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