When one begins to select the casters needed for an industrial

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In the dynamic application the leg will be affected by three key factors:

A) In a static loading environment the thickness and width of the leg is what supports the load. Industrial casters that are properly specified should provide an extended life with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

It is important the leg be sized in both thickness and width to support the load in a static environment and also in a dynamic application. Hot forging is used for much thicker steel plate generally in the range of 0. Cold stamping, as you can imagine, is an inexpensive means for forming metal.When one begins to select the casters needed for an industrial application, there are a series of key items that should be considered to assure that the casters can withstand the most strenuous aspects of that application. When considering leg size one must consider the thickness of the material the leg is manufactured from and the width of the leg.25 steel plate. Without the right size swivel section, manufactured in the appropriate fashion with the right size legs attached to the swivel section, you will be destined for failure of the caster. This process is limited by the thickness of the material. The yoke base is where the legs that contain the wheel are attached.

Hot forged vs Cold Stamped - The next consideration is also associated with the swivel section.

These three points are meant to get the application engineering portion of a project off on the right foot. Leg Thickness and Width - Once you have specified the appropriate size of the swivel section the next critical consideration would be the leg size.125" in diameter while the diameter of the race way is generally 3" On the high end, the ball size generally is 0. Hot forging of steel produces a product with the highest physical properties for use in an industrial caster application.

The top plate is what connects the caster to the cart or other piece of equipment. The circumference of the radius and the size of the ball bearings are reflective of the weight carrying capacity of the specific swivel section. The interface between the top plate and the yoke base is collection of ball bearings that are arranged in a pre-determined radius.875'' thick. There are two basic processes by which the swivel sections are manufactured, one being cold stamped and the other being hot forged. On the low end of the industrial range the balls are generally 0.
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