I went to Costco today. It has been quite a while since my last visit. I think it has been more than 3 years. I wish I could go more often, but it’s over a thirty minute drive, and unless I go there more than 10 times a year, I think it wouldn’t be worth the 4000 yen yearly membership. It was important for me to go this time, since I had to replenish my supply of candy.

My bowl of “Dum-Dums” pops in class

At the end of the lesson, the children enjoy getting candy. The “Dum-Dums” are great, because they are cheap, and the children can enjoy American candy, which is very different from the candy they are used to at the local supermarket.

Bag of “Dum-Dums” pops

I’m pretty sure one bag of these 300 pops was 1000 yen just two years ago. It was 1200 yen today. I think the prices of many products had increased a little since the sales tax hike of last month. Although, even with this price hike the price of the imported products, especially the American ones were still very low as usual.

The Costco apple pie, my favorite

I was pleasantly surprised to find the apple pie there, which I had really enjoyed many years ago. I remember the apple pie having been removed from the shelves for a while, so I immediately put one in my shopping cart when I saw it there again.

Yoshida BBQ sauce


I got two jars of pickles, and two bottles of BBQ sauce which Shun loves so much.


Apple Pie・コストコのアップルパイ

Apple Pie・コストコのアップルパイ


Apple Pie・コストコのアップルパイ

That night we had apple pie and whipped-cream for dinner. First I cut out a piece of pie, and then heated it up in the microwave before adding whipped-cream. Delicious!

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