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2017-05-26 | 日記
He said fiber has limitless capabilities when it comes to bandwidth and speed, and 1 gigabit speeds are only the start of its capabilities. Better routers can allow the same cable to provide accelerated speeds, he said.

Winter Springs is hooked up to Seminole County’s fiber, and officials say it’s been an improvement over its copper-wire system it previously used. Information Services director Joanne Dalka said the copper would frequently be struck by lightning, which knocked out service and damaged hardware."Fiber today can run an average of 100 gigabit, which is 1,000 times faster than your average Internet at home, if you’re assuming average is 10 megabit," Vivar said.

Security is an attractive feature to Rajaram, whose job includes warding off potential cyber attacks on the city’s electric and water utilities. Because fiber experiences less loss than copper wires, and its lines would run directly from point to point, it’s easier to defend communications and information from intrusion, he said."Most of our major buildings are connected via fiber," Dalka said. "It connects our phones and computers to our network it’s fast and secure."

Some Winter Park residents, such as John Deeb, already have fiber from Century Link, but the company mostly provides service to small businesses in the area, a spokeswoman said."Fiber as far as I know cannot be tapped right now,"Rajaram said. "Think about it like a castle with one door or a castle with multiple doors. Which is easier to protect?"

Deeb owns an Orlando production company and said he regularly uploads large video and photo files through the fiber wired into his Comstock Avenue home. It’s a noticeable uptick in speeds from the copper service provided to his downtown Orlando studio.Task force members are weighing whether fiber will be relevant into the future before they decide how much, if any, investment is worth making.
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