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2017-07-08 | 日記
It is not easy to make sure which date the new handset will be launched on.com/video-converter/ ). A large quantity of people and Apple fans now believe that the handset will be declared to public on September 12. If you want to enjoy interesting movies on iPhone 5 or iPad, you may need this video converter.
Another scoop is coming from a Chinese accessory corporation who got a head up from Apple, disclosing that the new handset will be announced to worldwide people on 21th of the month. It looks like that the new handset will be thinner and lighter than former iPhone mobiles. Are you expecting something fresh shocking eyeballs? Of course Apple will bring brand-new designing conception to iPhone 5 to satisfy our curiosity. It is commonly estimated that the screen of the new device might be larger of 3.
As there is no official news fiber optics talking about the design and specifications, anything might happen and change before the release, and we can only guess.
The first indication about coming of the new device is the iPhone orders. There is no news about the iPhone 5 on Apple WWDC but discussed more about iOS6. The rumor now gets consistent approval from other news resources. SIM card: The newest scoop reports that Apple will bring Nano-Sim card into use on the new device, which will be the smallest Sim card.
Macotakara, which is a trustworthy news resource of Apple, announces that the new device is currently in production period.
What iPhone5 looks like?
You may have already become accustomed to the design and look of iPhone 3G, iPhone4 and iPhone 4S.When we are still enjoying multi-media files happily on iPhone 4S or iPad, it has been announced that Apple will soon launch new invention iPhone 5 this month. Processor: About the processor of new iPhone, many people guess that it might be similar with the quad-core processor of iPad. That's so ridiculous.
3. Personally, I love to enjoy funny movies anytime and anywhere as I like on iPhone after converted video to iPad (http://www. But many other people suspect that Apple may discard the quad-core in order to reduce the power consumption.
How much the iPhone 5 would be?
If you search iPhone 5 in a famous Chinese online store Taobao, you will get a lot of advertisements telling that the new handset is on sale at 749 pounds per each, although the iPhone 5 has not been released up to now.95 inch, possibly fiber drop cable with a higher resolution of 1136*640, more sensitive and of strong scratch resistant capability. All the scoops and discussions related to iPhone 5 are sizzling on news webs and social communities. Screen and size: There are various rumors about the design of new iPhone 5.kvisoft.
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