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Wifi GM MDI scanner GM MDI Manager software download GM MDI Tech2Win GDS 2 Software

2017-04-21 11:15:17 | 日記
Wifi GM MDI scanner is gm mdi wireless gm Multi Diagnostic Interface. Wifi GM MDI scanner gm mdi manager software tech2Win GDS 2 Software can install on Windows 8 / Windows 7. Below OBD2Tuner.com sharing Wifi GM MDI scanner GM MDI Manager software download GM MDI Tech2Win GDS 2 Software installation Guide.

WIFI GM MDI scanner Wireless GM MDI tech 3 with GM MDI wifi card

WIFI GM MDI scanner Wireless GM MDI tech 3 with GM MDI wifi card

OBD2Tuner.com Wifi GM MDI scanner GM MDI Manager software download:

GM Tech 3 MDI Manager 7.14:


V8.0.73.14 GM MDI Manager:


OBD2Tuner.com GM MDI Tech2Win GDS 2 Software installation Guide:

1: Open the software folder, double click “CD Start”pop-up installation window,and click “install”.
2: Pls install the software in order : JAV A.EXE;Validat.exe;GMMDI Software.exe;Tech3Win.exe;.
3: automatic install all the files above, when have message “ Copying PCMCIA files..”,please don’t touch any keyboard or mouse, just leave it alone, the GM MDI USB drive will automatic install.
4: after installation finish, there will be have a message “ press any key to continue…” and pls press any key, and software installation partly finish.
5. Pls connect the USB cable to PC ( do not need to connect to the Car OBD at this time), the first time connect USB to PC, the USB drive will be detected on the lower right corner, then choose automatic install, click next to finish.
6. when USB drive installation finish, on your PC device manager ,you will find a “MDI USB Device(COM…” on Port place. if not then pls find the drive on MDI folder on the CD and install, if still not successful, then pls check if the PC operation is correct or not.
7. open “GM MDI Manager” on the desk to do connection test (if the USB was correct installed, the red “X” on the dialogue will disappear, if the red “X” still on, then pls repeat steap 6.
8: finish the installation above, pls connect your PC with internet. ( do not connect to the car OBD ) open this website and activate lease.http://tis2web.eicp.net:9080/tis2web/after you open this web. Write any user’s name and click ok. All choose OK /continue.
9: in the main interface, please click “Global Diagnostic System2(GDS 2)” icon, and click GDS2 to run, at that time, software will update lease automatic .after update finish, software GDS2 (Launch GDS2 on the desk) will open automatically , choose the language and back to the main interface. Bottom left will have a lease expire time. Be attention, it need only your PC systerm time, don’t change. Afterward we don’t need internet to update lease, so if there have any remind indicate new update available, please do not click update.

if you have problem with obd2tuner.com gm MDI GDS 2 software, you can order 2.5' SATA HDD that install MDI Tech 3 Global TIS, GDS 2, Tech2Win Diagnosis software, MDI Tech 3 is Vauxhall / Opel OEM Level Diagnostics tool, which when combined with Global TIS, GDS 2, Tech2Win diagnosis software

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