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VAS 5054A ODIS 4.1.3 adapter VAS PC V19 EN Download link

2017-07-08 00:39:45 | 日記
VAS 5054A ODIS 4.1.3 adapter VAS PC V19 EN Download link

VAS dealer level adapter latest software is odis v4.1.3 from obd2cartool.com. ODIS VAG 5054a diagnostic tester with oki full chip support uds Read block info/group parameters, erase errors and flash very well. VAS5054A ODIS V4.13 is great for your workshop supports Car models of VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini.

VAS Dealer Level Adapter ODIS 4.1.3 bluetooth vas VAS5054A uds vag odis tester

Here julie will share you old software of vas pc v19 english version. As julie got feedbacks some guys are confused to install different language version of ODIS software. So old software will always be your good choice if needed.

Note: This VAG 5054A Odis 4.13 Hw could with buzzer!!

VAS-PC V19 EN free download link:


5054a software features:

No pass
Never expire
Tested 100%
Works good

System requirement:

VAS-PC V19 windows xp: Worked!
VAS-PC V19 widnows 7: Worked!

Functions tested:

diagnostics………confirmed, OK via vas 5054a & Vxdiag vcx nano 5054
key programming………confirmed
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