Chicago won the final two games before claiming their third Stanley Cup title in six years

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Ovechkin has a chance to break his tie with In that game, the red wings were introduced into the Ice Hockey Hall of fame. Ovechkin took 15 shots on goal, but it can not be solved in the evening Mrazek lost to Detroit 0-1. The Washington star had five shots in the first stage on Wednesday, but Detroit kept him very well. We don't object to his good today, he said. He got a shot in the last two stages. I think he tried to pass more than a shot. Larkin opened the scoring when the hat gave him too much space to the right wing, he beat huoertebi shooting wrist. Washington is tied to its four second powers during the period. Williams the ball past Murray from chuck to network rights. We have spent too much of the punishment, Detroit coach Blashill Jeff said. You can't have four in the first phase. I thought that as the game went on, we got better and better. Shortly after Williams's goal, huoertebi stopped short hand Darren Helm separation. Huoertebi is second and stop by the Boolean division, Kean at the helm of the rebound, and then try to use a stick from the goal line in the late. The game is short 6:25 in third when John Carlson's shot hit the Mrazek mask. Detroit's goalkeeper to play on, a few seconds after the capital team defended Schmidt Nate hit the beam from the point of a gun. Cover Detroit 27-26 scored 30 goals,buy cheap jerseys or fifteenth consecutive games to keep opponents less. This is the first time in seven games, the capital has not reached 30 in itself. Detroit has no Johan Franzen RW (Nao Zhendang), Richards Brad (back), Kyle Quincey D (ankle) and Ferraro Landon (Xi Gai). Capital in the absence of Orpik Brooks (lower body). 'hawks scored two late, playing ducks in OT; Kaine markanaheim, Calif. - Chicago Blackhawks visit Honda center on black Friday for the Western Conference powers has become a staple of NHL a year in recent years. In another new tradition, not limited holiday, Black Hawk always seem to find obvious ways to destroy the duck a day. Artem Anisimov scored 53 points in overtime, and Black Hawk in the last moments of 3:2 to beat the ball behind a duck regulation game. After 58 minutes, the main Black Hawk, the defending Stanley cup champion roar in their first trip to Anaheim since winning a 7 in the final six months here ago.blackhawks improve bannerthe Black Hawk kick 2015-16 season with a ceremony to celebrate the last year's champion. Check out the best photos from the red carpet to the ice. Marian Hossa and Duncan Keith scored a personal advantage, before the last 1:41 Anisimov regulation ended with his tenth goals, meet the Blackhawks fans usually hundreds of audience. Well, I don't think that's what we want to paint it.

Finally, secretly with two. Brent Seabrook all three points in Chicago's fourth game winning streak in Anaheim on black Friday. Chicago won the final two games before claiming their third Stanley Cup title in six years. It's a good match, we went with them, Patrick middot;, Kaine said. It's funny when you have a stick to it throughout the game. No one really scares. With an assist Keith's goal, Kaine put his 18 game winning streak, Kessel Phil and Olczyk Eddie to match the longest of an American born player in NHL history. He was always out of the game, but Chicago and the stripes survived. You see, there are people playing games, and the two guys are recording the and the olczyk parts, which are some very good companies, said Kaine. It's an interesting little ride here. Hossa ended John middot; Gibson after the end of a controversial penalty 6-on-4 1:41 Getzlaf Andrew Shaw Ryan in the power game to play the duck. Keith got 26.6 seconds later, Kaine and Seabrook keep alive out of hockey tying goal. The ducks lost seven of the 10 intestinal perforation after failure, but they avoid Shaw plummeted.Blue Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys I touched the back of his leg, and it was clear that he was going, Getzlaf said. I don't know how easy it is, no matter what, but there are two minutes of time, we try to fight with them. I don't think it's a necessary call. It has nothing to do with the game. I just thought it was a great hockey game. I don't think it's necessary that the two teams play hard, and it's over, I don't think it's necessary. Corey Crawford stopped 23 times the Black Hawk, who got 3-1-1 a year in the six game road trip, the circus over combined with center.winning image from the NHL against the cancerplenty League has special uniforms to make people aware of the fight against cancer. However, due to these photos show that there is no league like NHL. Andrew Cogliano and Chris Stewart's goal for the Anaheim early goal, Gibson stopped 29 times. You know they will come eventually, Gibson said, who in his second black hawk moment in the two quarter. They're going to get something. They found a way to do it. The Anaheim season ended on a victory shy of the Stanley Cup finals last spring after the club re competition in Chicago last month. This includes many after the whistle, especially from the center of the duck Kesler Ryan and Chicago captain Toews Jonathan. They even put their gloves in the first period of late, but the linesman separately before anyone can put ninth times a punch.notesanaheim presided over the Chicago on black Friday. NL MVP and Brice Harper in the Blackhawks' locker room after the game, chatting with Kaine. Chicago.

The preview of the king of Losangeles wants them to have the best of the road so far is still the most important part of the arrangement in travel. They will end the 16 straight defeat of Detroit, in the red wings have fallen, on Friday night. Play a league high 12 before 17, leading Kings Pacific Division (12-6-0) in the stretch it played 15 of the 20 on the road. Losangeles, 5-1-0 left Staples Center, opened a 15 field trip to 3:2 on penalties against Philadelphia on Tuesday. King 15-18-8 on the road in 2014-15. This is what we get on the right track, said the center's Kopitar Anze, who has eight goals in his last 16 games with 10 assists in red wings. It's not the most beautiful, but at the end of the day we have two points. The kings won 12 and 15, and the coach Sutter Darryl and his team were particularly pleased with the victory of the first penalty of the season. Losangeles is in the final season with the final 2-8. We missed the playoffs last year because the two extra time and penalties, Sutter said. Detroit (9-8-2) to 22-10-9 in Louis Arena Joe last season, but 4-5-1 in 2015-16, has lost eight of six, down to last Wednesday in Washington, 2-1 in overtime. We're going to be a good hockey team, coach Blashill Jeff said. We have to find a way to win these games at home. Red wings have scored 10 goals in the last six games.Toronto Maple Leafs 19# Joffrey Lupul Nyquist Gustav led the team to score seven goals, but there are two in his past eight. They gave up the extra time a goal 45 seconds into the capital, down to 3-2 penalty and overtime. We spent too much on the punishment, Blashill said. You can't have four in the first phase. I thought that as the game went on, we got better and better. Six power games allowed to match a season high in Detroit, although it only surrendered one goal. In the last 11 games, the red wings have restricted the 34 goals of the four opponents. Similarly, Losangeles's power to play is strong in the last 13 games, 35 to 11. Petr Mrazek has helped Detroit despite the attack to maintain the competitive advantage, the average of 1.79 goals in his last eight games. Quick Jonathan scored six or more goals before Tuesday, five times, and stopped 36 times. Kings in two or fewer goals, but in their skate at Luis Jo a game. Losangeles 1-0 victory over wing in February 24th at the 11 meeting of the third win. Quickly made 20 saves, 3.54 days before his 11 record. 2.96 days of his career 21 games against Detroit is his second highest against any team. Henrik Zetterberg has four goals, in his past nine and Losangeles nine assists.

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