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How do neutral women choose jewelery?

2017-06-14 11:32:15 | 日記
Neutral women have a handsome kind of handsome, although such women may not be tall, but it can give people free and easy, outgoing feeling, just look is a fake kid, then this kind of handsome neutral female friends should How to choose jewelery? cheap van cleef & arpels earrings How can better be reflected in their own curiosity? You need to understand the neutral female jewelry with skills.

Nowadays the embodiment of female neutral personality, jewelry designers follow the fashion trend, began to put aside some flowers, small animals or colored gem elements, more emphasis on some simple material, the original color, simple geometric lines of the style, in addition to the gem inlaid And more emphasis on industrialization, through some rather artistic sense of the design style so that we can blur the gender boundaries of jewelry.cheap van cleef & arpels ring

In order to be able to better highlight the neutral charm, jewelry from the dazzling, complex decorative tide in the differentiation of another neutral way to meet the simple and practical urban lifestyle fun. In order to carry out the handsome full, just Yangwei neutral design concept, the choice of jewelry material is essential. Jewelry designers tend to use 18K gold, count and other hard materials, coupled with straight lines, simple design, set off the city grade men and women both rigid and flexible personality.imitation hermes jewelry As for the divergence of a unique sense of gloss, "titanium" metal, but also because the appearance of the future is very likely to become a young process of jewelry in a dark horse.

So how do neutral women choose jewelery? This kind of female friends in the choice of jewelry can choose some of the modern atmosphere of relatively strong style, like some unique geometric earrings, fashion collar, necklace, or bracelet and other styles are very good choice, there are some distinctive shape Of the buttons, rings and so are neutral women must props, neutral women in the choice of jewelry with a most basic principle is, would rather weird, do not look too feminine, but also not too fine or classical TheIn addition to jewelry, you also need to pay attention to jewelry and clothing with, especially in some of the details of the treatment should not only reflect the feeling of handsome, but also need to reflect the noble and generous woman. In addition to wearing a neutral jewelry dress can be used in addition to men's tie, a gram, strap, etc., do not forget to join the feminine lace, lotus, tassels and other design, add a romantic element for the neutral equipment. It is important to note that neutrality is not a superficial concept, not a man tilted orchid finger, a woman boarded the bulk of the shoe is neutral,cheap hermes CDC bracelet it is a physiological and psychological balance, but also a realm.
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