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Men love women more than women

2017-06-14 11:15:11 | 日記
In recent years,imitation van cleef & arpels jewelry the luxury market, "he" are different from the usual active, men for high-end brand purchase needs have been much higher than women. Bayer consulting company in 2011 luxury global market research report, the male luxury goods currently occupy the entire luxury market share of 50%, compared with two years ago, up 2%.

Do you believe that men are more luxurious than women

Originally designed for men and the main car, watch from Needless to say, in the women's favorite clothing, luggage accessories on a class of objects, men also began to be more heart than ever. Even in the mature European and American luxury goods market, in the past five years, high-end men's sales growth rate is 2 times the cost of women.

Men have become more and more fashionable, they are more concerned about their own appearance, dress more elegant. World Luxury Association released last year, "World Luxury Report Blue Book" shows that over the past five years, the male high-end product market in all categories of growth rate than women.

For men's luxury goods this rapid growth in the market, the brands have entered, GUCCI, LV and even Hermes and other luxury brands have begun to give men more attention and investment, broaden the men's product line, and even set up men'sreplica van cleef & arpels necklace products Monopoly Shop, the luxury market is experiencing a gender change, into the luxury of the "he" era.

The rise of the male market

The slowdown in the global economy is a bad news for many luxury brands. However, in the fashion trend forecasting agency LS: N Global's research, "women's perceptual consumption habits determine that they are more susceptible to economic crisis, while the male market consumption performance is more rational and stable, the market potential is still great." So some luxury brands Have to adjust the product line, competing for the male market.cheap van cleef & arpels bracelet

Coach has been in the luxury market adhere to the "light luxury" position, although 71 years ago from the men's accessories brand started, but the 20th century, 60 years to open up the female market since the sales have been dominated by women until the 20th century, 90 years, Coach men Sales of products still account for only 25% of total sales. In the Chinese market, Coach in the male brand awareness is only 16%, which Coach China president and CEO Jonathan Seliger view, "men for Coach is a huge market opportunity."
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