Okinawa here I come!


What's cooking?

2017-07-12 | 違ってた
one thing I've noticed living here in Okinawa
the ventilation system is quite different
the one in the kitchen is connected to the outside
whereas in New York, it wasn't
in fact the air that got sucked in just came out again from the top
the purpose of the ventilation was not to really vent
but just to clean the air
so if you happen to be cooking something with oil
then the ventilation will filter the oil
and that was the purpose of the air filter
in the kitchen above the gas stove

but here in Okinawa, or even in Japan
the apartments or even the houses are built in such a way
that anything in the kitchen
like when you are cooking,
the ventilation will suck up the air and vent it out
to the common corridor or the hallway

so when you are walking through these hallways, you can smell what people are cooking
and this morning I have noticed, "uum, this must be curry fried rice"
and other days, I noticed,
"uuummm it must be Chinese dish, yes, they are definitely using the sesame oil"
it really smelled nice
it's really fun to guess what they are cooking
just by the air coming out of the ventilation

but most of all, I realize that Japanese people are really spending a lot of time cooking real meals
not just quick and easy ones
and not always the same, they have variety
they seem to really cook a meal

and so far, I am just enjoying the aroma of guessing what people are cooking behind those closed apartment doors as I walk through the hallway.

and also the air is vent out from the bathrooms
so this is just where they have bath tub
in Japan, most of the apartments have separate toilets
in New York, the bathroom consisted of bathtub, toilet, and the sink
here, the bathtub has its own room and so does the toilets

so when i say the vent out of the bathroom
is where they take bath
and when people wash their hair, i could smell the aroma of the shampoo products
and that's pleasant as well
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