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Establishment of NIKKI FRON THAILAND

2010-04-01 16:58:00 | インポート

We contracted the industrial site in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Thailand as the base of oversea subsidiary “NIKKI FRON THAILAND”. We are going to establish plants in Thailand to make the manufacturing base in Asian market.




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Dear NikkiFron sir, (Mr.Chamnarn)
2010-07-30 01:51:59
Dear NikkiFron sir,

Good evening sir, I would like to ask about the New Job of New Plant of NIKKI FRON (THAlLAND) CO.,LTD. 799/684 Moo1, Amata Nakorn IndustrialEstate Tambol Pantbong, Amphur Panthong, Chonburi Thailand at AMATA Nakorn Chonburi Province and will be start on near time. Now, I working with the Automotive parts company such as : Metal, Pipe and Tube etc. at AMATA Chonburi are total about 6 years in the Production section and 3 years in the QC & QA. section for our customer are STM., IEMT., DENSO, TOYOTA Poland and France, ISUZU Poland, FORD UK., NISSAN Spain and Japan, MITSUBISHI, RENAULT, IVECO, DENSO Hungary, AUDI, MAZDA, HYUNDAI & KIA, VOLKSAWAGEN, AAT., DELPHI, BMW., HONDA UK, VM. Motori, GM. and others. Anyway, I interest application and working with your new job and if you have any details, please kindly advise and give me an opportunity to be a part of your company’s success.

Best Regards and Thank you very much for your consider and advise.

Mr.Chamnarn Y.
Dear Mr. Chamnarn (Nikki Fron (THAILAND) staff)
2010-08-17 15:29:52
Dear Mr. Chamnarn

Thank you for your comment and also would apologize about our late response.

I will tell you the telephone number of our plant, so could you please contact directly to our staff of Thailand office?
The person in charge is Mr. SHIMAMURA.


Thank you.
Nikki Fron