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It's always cost effective to clean and feinan curtains, draperies, fabrics and upholstery onsite rather than doing it offsite. Fabric refurbishment during the water damage restoration is extremely important else, they would rot away and get spoiled. The procedures that are used for water damage restoration are the same that are used for restoration procedures that are done offsite for fabric refurbishment.

The process for carpets during water damage restoration:The first procedure of water damage restoration for fabrics is deodorizing them. The process of deodorizing depends on the extent of mold and mildew problem and the odor problem. One of the most effective ways of treating the fabrics is through ozone treatment. The fabrics are also treated for color fastness, shrinkage and other characteristics that may be exhibited and those that might affect the water damage restoration process.

A carpet stain should be spot treated:Each company has their own exclusive restoration process. Of course, when the fabrics are put in the warehouse of the company performing the water damage restoration, they are stored in appropriate protective sheets till they are ready to be delivered to the customers.

Wood furniture can be restored during water damage restoration. This goes both for antique and new pieces. When damaged by water, the furniture pieces are first placed in a drying chamber for the water damage restoration. This will to ensure that all moisture is taken away from the furniture pieces.

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