The color painted aluminum coil can be divided aluminum display

2017-08-05 11:57:13 | jiayunaluminium
Color coated aluminum coil (painted aluminum coil), as the name suggests, it is the shading of the surface coating on aluminum plate (aluminum volume). The common fluorocarbon coated aluminum (coated aluminum coil) have polyester coated aluminum (pre-painted aluminum volume), they are widely used in aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum ceiling, roof surface, scrap, cans,aluminium composite panel and electronic products. Its performance is very stable, not easily corroded surface after special treatment can reach 30 years of quality assurance, and the weight per unit volume is the lightest metal materials. The pre-painted aluminum is currently the most popular new profiles in industry.

Generally, the color painted aluminum coil can be divided into: polyester coated aluminum coils (PE), fluorocarbon coating aluminum coil (PVDF). After several baked coated polyester formed on the surface of the aluminum plate, the coated aluminum coil layer can be formed firmly attached to a continuous solid film, so it has the protective decorative characteristics.

And it is a UV resistant UV coating, a polyester resin is used aluminum display in the main chain of the ester bond-containing polymer is a monomer, adding an alkyd resin, an ultraviolet absorber and can be divided according to gloss matte and high optical series.

IDEABOND aluminium composite panel (also referred as alucobond panel) is an outstanding decorative materials for outer and inner walls or curtain wall of high-rise. It's also applied to kitchen cabinets, billboards, signboards, tunnels, subway, telephone booths, vehicle bodies, yachts, industrial usage, etc.
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