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Dal Lake – A Po[censored] r Recreational and Tourist Spot in Srinagar

2015-08-21 11:23:20 | 日記
Dal Lake, located in Srinagar is the second largest lake in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is also known as Srinagar's Jewel and Jewel in the crown of Kashmir. The lake is part of natural wetland that is spread across an area of 21.1 square kilometers. Floating gardens that are filled with lotus flowers in the months of July and August beautify the lake. Gardens like Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, parks, hotels and houseboats span across the length of 15.5 km long s[censored] line. Scenic beauty of the lake can be enjo[censored] from the s[censored] line.

The cool climate of the lake attracted Mughal emperors as well as the British who made Srinagar as their summer capital. The British built luxurious houseboats on the lake. These houseboats are beautifully constructed with every inch of them carved nicely with hand. The colorful carpets, luxurious sofas and bedrooms and the hospitality shown by houseboat staff are highly mesmerizing. Staying for a night in the houseboat would be a wonderful and memorable experience. Tourists residing in houseboats can purchase goods essential for daily needs from the floating markets, the Shikaaras.

Chaar Chinaar, a small island is located at the center of the lake and is one of the assets of the royal family of Jammu and Kashmir. One can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake and the surrounding mountains from the Island. Other tourist attractions of the lake include the Nehru Memorial Park, Chashme Shahi – garden po[censored] r for medicinal values and the Hazratbal Shrine, a holy shrine for Muslims.

The lake is center for water sports such as water surfing, Shikara rides, canoeing, angling, swimming and kayaking. In the winter season during which the temperature falls to -11 degrees Celsius the lake gets frozen and becomes a favorite spot for ice skaters.

Many people of Srinagar rely on fishing in Dal Lake for their livelihood. The carp variety of fishes is widely caught in the lake. A drop in the quality of the water in the lake due to sewage pollution that is liberated into the lake from 15 different drains of the city has badly hit the fishing industry here. Deforestation in the catchment area of the lake and dumping of solid waste from the settlements on the s[censored] line and houseboats is also contributing to the decline in water quality of the lake increasing the risk for eutrophication. The Indian Government is taking strict measures to resolve the eutrophication problem and restore the lake for future generations to enjoy the lake.

Dal lake is located at a distance of just 10 km from Srinagar city. Taxi services are available from Srinagar to the lake and the travel time would be about twenty minutes.

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