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Sidi Crossfire : Complete As New

2015-01-05 12:05:44 | 日記
Sidi Crossfire: Boots of the voguish Hermes

Hermes, the son of the most mighty Zeus and good looking Maia, is the Greek god of manual dexterity and velocity. His aviated boots is the most enviable mythological points among all racers for it represents overwhelming swiftness and lightsomeness. You the voguish Hermes may not be Zeus's true god courier but you are a motorcyclist who knows the demand for a pair of boots that would fit your ambitiousness to win and capture the racing circuits or tracks. The Sidi Crossfire is hottest for you.

care Free

The Sidi Crossfire pair of boots does not wear out because it is produced of Lorica, a very profound and resilient type of leather. After you peruse the boots for thousands of miles and hundreds of races, you do not necessitate to purchase a new pair. All you need to do is to exchange the aged soles with new ones and the pair of Sidi Crossfire boots is complete as new. No need to worry when you get captive with the limbs of bushes while riding through away road tracks because most of the components of the Sidi Crossfire are exchangeable. You do not have to concern about the substitutions too because they are as good as the new. A pair of Sidi Crossfire is not hardly a ally for lifespan but a big snorkel breather for your pockets. You find to save a lot.

Performance Fit for Gods

A pair of Sidi Crossfire has a dual flex or pivot scheme that gifts the superior side hold up and freedom of feet movement or dexterity that even Hermes would envy. You would be capable to move from one position to another, from front to back, and stand on your toes without experiencing any pressing on your feet and lower limbs. Its mobile calves that could be enhanced up to a diameter of 22 inches are really cozy to the feet. You do not have to constrict your calves exactly to experience the easiest outfit for your legs. It has its intrinsic heat shields that protect your feet and legs from the detrition caused by your motorcycle tires against the mineral pitch road and even from the heat of your own motorcycle.

With a pair of Sidi Crossfire you realize to sustain a finer hold of your bike because of the rubber stuff that stupefies itself to the body of your ride. On its sides are strong kickstart shielder that do not only shun potential impairment to the boots but to your skin too. Intrinsical Footpeg protectors assist in affecting your feet more comfortable. Its soles are not stiff and frail. They are steady enough to soak up the stress of motor crossing and off road running. The Sidi Crossfire's entire Lorica encloses your feet and shin, providing heat retention. This feature passes on your feet a lot of breathability, which defends your pair of boots from molds and your feet from athlete's foot.

Fit for the gods indeed, these lofty pairs of Sidi Crossfire are purchasable in black, white, blue, white, or red base colors. These must haves for the contemporary Hermes are procurable on the Nets at Bob s Cycle Supply.

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