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Arginin abbreviated as "Arg" and is α-amino acid. Natural amino acid has 20 common acids, out of which L-form is one of them. In animals, these acids are either semi-essential or conditionally essential amino acid, depending on the developmental stage and health status of the individual. Arginin was first extracted in 1886 by Swiss Chemist Ernst Schultz. Generally, there is no need of taking these acids supplements because our body produces enough are required. These acids are majorly sold in the form of supplements and are easily available from our regular diet too. They are mainly found in plants and proteins of animals like fish, meat, poultry, milk and milk products and nuts. They help in production of proteins.

Safety measures to be taken while having Arginin

No one should take Arginin without the consult of a physician. It is advisable for people suffering from asthma and other chronic pulmonary problems that they should take these acids ever. There are researches done which showed that, these acids make asthma even worse. Pulmonary inflammation increases as it dilates the blood vessels of our body. This acid affects the way our human body handles waste. It has many side effects on organs which are concerned for waste disposal in our body. Some problems of liver and kidney can also occur due to these acids. They can also lead to problems to our body digestive system like potassium balance, dehydration, nausea and stomach cramps. There can also be many circulatory problems in our body due to these acids. People who are suffering from heart problems should also not take it.

Benefits of using Arginin in our body

There are numerous ways in which these acids are helpful for our body. There are many examples which show that these acids are helpful for curing various problems in our human body. Some of them are:

• It helps in reducing angina and lowering of blood pressure.

• These acids are also helpful in improving renal function in patients suffering from chronic heart failure.

• They increase exercise tolerance in patients who are suffering from coronary artery disease.

• They are helpful in v=curing of problems like cancer and tumor.

• They help in building body by providing various nutrients to our muscle so that they can grow.

• Studies also revealed that these acids stimulate the growth of muscle.

• They deal with problems of erectile dysfunction.

• It improves function of kidneys for those who had kidney transplant.

• It helps deals in problem like paining of legs because of blocked arteries.

• Some people use these acids in order to improve their immune system.

• These acids are also helpful in getting rid of problems like ammonia.

• This acid stimulates certain organs of our body which results in release of hormones, insulin and other necessary substances in our human.

There are various problems of our body which is cured out with the help of these acids. No doubt, these acids are vital element for living a healthy life.

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