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Shower Curtains: The Perfect Facelift For Your Bathroom

2015-05-19 11:34:30 | 日記
Looking for a quick makeover for your home? Start with your bathroom! Installing a new shower curtain can be the coolest way to cheer up your bathroom without investing a lot of money in the process. There are many styles of shower curtains to choose from, and you may be surprised at how dramatically a simple shower curtain can change the dynamics of a room. You can choose shower curtains that will stand out from the rest of your bathroom's colors, or you can choose one that provides a subtler match. It's all up to you: the possibilities are virtually endless!

If you are tired of cleaning up your shower enclosure -- and anyone that has been forced to combat soap scum before is likely darn tired of it -- will find shower curtains to be an effective solution to this issue. Shower enclosures, as well as shower curtains, accumulate humidity and, after a while, they become ugly. The difference is that changing shower curtains costs almost nothing compared to changing a glass or acrylic shower enclosure.

Sometimes people dismiss shower curtains as being cheap and generic, but when you consider the wide variety of styles and price tiers you'll find that curtains are hardly limited to cheap white vinyl curtains. If you have children, you can choose a nice shower curtain with dolphins, little fish or funny ducks printed on it, or you can go with more "formal" designs, like geometric patterns or lines. You can even choose a loud color to make your bathroom festive!

Bathroom shower curtains are made of different types of washable fabrics, including polyester, plastic and even cotton. Most of them have a weight attached at its bottom to avoid the "shower curtain effect" (which is the effect of the curtain unpleasantly wrinkling and/or sticking to your leg when you take a shower). Most shower curtains are also waterproofed, and it is also possible to attach an impermeable liner to your shower curtain if you're using a fabric curtain.

Another advantage of the use of shower curtains in your bathroom is that they don't need you to drill any holes on your walls: just get a spring loaded rod, adjust its size to fit between two walls and suspend your curtain from it by using hooks or rings. This ease of installation also saves you money by allowing you to do it by yourself rather than paying someone to install it.

Dots, stripes, waves, animals and many other designs are available, ensuring you will find shower curtains that fit virtually every need, even if your design preferences can be considered unique or offbeat. Nautical themed curtains as well as the old standby known as the rubber ducky are very popular, but nowadays you can find every design you like; I have even seen shower curtains featuring Mexican hats! And, if you are really specific, you could look into having a curtain custom designed specifically for you. Wait no more, and provide an exciting new look to your bathroom with new shower curtains!

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Is your tired old bathroom just begging for a dynamic change on a limited budget? Shower curtains can fit that bill. Come see the wide variety the world of shower curtains offers you at http://www.shower-curtains-showcase.com
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