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Wellcome to "The history of M&Y"

2020-01-31 | ブログ

Hello,Wellcome to "The history of M&Y". I am "M&Y father", and the manager of this blog.

The competition called the RoboCupJunior is held every year. My daughter and son made a team. That team is "M&Y". They participated in the RoboCupJunior for the first time in 2007.

I made this blog to record their activity.

We participated in the RoboCupJunior and learned various things. and We made a lot of friends in the world.

Notice:"M&Y father" writes my thought in this blog. This blog is not a official page of the RoboCupJunior. There is a person to misunderstand when the interpretation of a rule written in this blog is official. It is a mistake. This is a personal blog.



Sorry, this blog is written only in Japanese.


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