Touran L Micro Experience

2017-04-05 17:35:04 | 日記
From our user word of mouth statistics, 1.4T models average fuel consumption of 7.9L / 100 km, than I opened the fuel consumption is high, I think this is the personal driving habits of the difference, I see there are many word of mouth Can open to 5.8L-6.5L users. I drive the experience is to use D block driving is the most fuel-efficient, S block power is indeed strong, but the high speed fuel consumption, not suitable for long-term use.
I step on the throttle, almost no throttle in the end to speed up, unless it is still sitting on the 7 people even when the uphill, I will use the S block, and occasionally the whole throttle to accelerate. Under normal circumstances I have to step on the depth of 2/3 is enough, enough power on the line fit NRR Catridge, not necessarily to accelerate the whole throttle can meet the demand, and light step on the throttle due to develop fuel-efficient driving habits, to reduce fuel consumption helpful.
Touran L fuel tank capacity of 58L, if it is 6.83L / 100 km calculation, should be able to drive 850 km or so, the actual situation is generally consistent, I generally open to 750 km or so to refuel. The only time to see the low oil warning light is driving to 796 km, warning light was bright, that is the final driving 826 km before refueling, plus 56.7L oil. Consult the manufacturers who know that the fuel tank lights, there are about 3L of the remaining oil, we see the warning lights or to immediately find the oil refueling is better fit NPR Catridge.
This micro-experience I introduced my car after the new addition of supplies, in fact, these are I recommend you need to buy supplies (unrelated to the brand), mainly to make cars more convenient and safe.
The first need to match the natural seat is safe, I believe that many friends buy Aman L family are home users, and should have children, children's seat is essential items. Although the manufacturers also provide optional child seats, but the price of 3,000 yuan is basically equivalent to add a cushion and a frame, only suitable for children more than 1.15 meters tall, low cost, do not recommend everyone optional. Or buy a decent face of the child's seat is better, I recommend is to buy ISOFIX interface seat, Touran L fit NQR Catridge even optional third row seats are equipped with ISOFIX interface, the installation is very flexible, what specific brand to see their own Need it
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