Alfa Romeo sales channel analysis

2016-12-13 15:12:10 | 日記
With the new models, but also have plans into China, then the next question is how to enter China? Alfa Romeo will be selling these two new models as the "new brand" in the Chinese market. Next you will get the answer below.
According to sources, Alfa Romeo in 2017, after the official into China, in addition to recruiting new dealers, the early part of the brand will be used Maserati dealer channels for sale, Alfa Romeo and Maserati belong to the Fiat Chrysler Group, the use of Maserati sales Channels can also help Alfa Romeo to enter the Chinese market faster. 452204-5005S Turbocharger

In this year's Guangzhou auto show, Maserati China sales director Gao Mengxiong said in an interview, Alfa Romeo in April next year to enter China, the early part of the existing sales channels using Maserati sales, and will also find some dealers alone, And strive to do four or fifty dealers, can provide sales and after-sales service, the future Alfa Romeo will gradually to the independent sales network development.
From this sales strategy, on the one hand is Alfa Romeo fit vw ignition coil with the Group's existing Maserati sales channels to achieve rapid integration into the Chinese market, to avoid the lack of early preparation and a lot of money, can be seamlessly connected to Alfa Romeo In April into China immediately after the sale. On the other hand, part of the sales through the Maserati dealer, you can also see the Fiat Chrysler Group hopes that Alfa Romeo in the Chinese market take the luxury car line, different from the other lower-level models of Fiat.

For the moment, Fiat Chrysler Group's sales channels in China is divided into two main levels fit nissan 1.5 turbocharger, Ferrari and Maserati share high-end channels, while other brands are in another channel (including Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and other models). The future of Alfa Romeo positioning will be lower than the Maserati, mainly with the "ABB" and other traditional luxury brand models to compete, to fill the current Fiat Chrysler Group in China, the level of the market model blank.
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