Toyota adjusted the internal powertrain

2016-12-07 15:37:58 | 日記
In order to achieve the above development goals, Toyota has adjusted the development system of the internal powertrain company, and adjusted the technology sharing within the Group for the technical development completed by the companies within the Toyota Group from the basic policy of "In-house R & D and Manufacturing" Effectively enhance the overall level of the Group, the development speed and to promote the general scale. At the same time Toyota also mentioned will strengthen the electrification core technology - hybrid technology development system. Starting from 2017 to promote structural reform, in 2021 to 5 years plan to increase the number of hybrid technology developers about 30%.
From the information disclosed by Toyota, as the current global sales of the largest car company, Toyota has started the next new repairer mode development work, its main sales model will be completed within a few years replacement, and turned to TNGA architecture for production . At the same time in order to better meet the increasingly stringent emission regulations, the new powertrain on the development are also in full swing, which is described as the troops and horses did not move forage first.
From the product point of view, this new inline four-cylinder 2.5L direct injection engine and Direct Shift 8-speed automatic transmission is expected to carry in January 2017 North American Auto Show debut of the new Camry on the future with the introduction of TNGA architecture China's market, FAW Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota is also expected to gradually import the latest Toyota powertrain technology. I believe that this thermal efficiency of 40% in-line four-cylinder 2.5L direct injection engine is not far away from us.
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