Air Runner Pneumatic lead to called the King

2017-05-05 16:48:34 | 日記
There is no dispute, Air Runner Pneumatic products is still the object of "Fan", since it is "Fan" inevitably talk about HellaFlush, a global swept low lying, flush, large negative camouflage style, can not say HellaFlush source Since Japan (although the neon state has a variety of self-modification style, please read: "others laugh I am too crazy to see the wonderful work style"), but the early popular Japanese VIP conversion, so far still let Modified players obsessed.
There is a gas field, there are majestic, enough luxury is the Japanese VIP conversion understanding, this is true, after all, Japanese VIP conversion style is originated in the eighties of the Japanese gang (in Japan as a legitimate group), but we all see Missed a Point: HellaFlush has not yet red, VIP has been used for a long time shock, and the Japanese local Air Runner has long been recognized by local players; until the recent Shanghai MIT become Air Runner pneumatic domestic agents, But also gradually by the domestic players, the attitude of the big network of knowledge.
In fact, the working principle of pneumatic shock are Performance Car Parts basically the same, from the airbag springs, shock absorbers, gas cylinders, air pumps, four transmission lines, and pneumatic control software components, through the vehicle controller remote control airbag inflatable, discouraged , And when the internal pressure sensor detects the air pressure is low to a certain value, the air pump will automatically inflate the gas tank.
The same reason, but the various brands of materials used in different, Air Runner also understand this, after all, internal pressure, spring K number change (on the shock absorber), so Air Runner also claimed that there are two aspects can be highlighted: closed The airbag is made by Bridgestone custom; the corresponding shock absorber is handed over to KYB foundry, the two manufacturers identity is that we all know things, but also the original car factory supporting manufacturers, but not so much prominent Of the advantages, it is better to let the players have enough time to Shuashuai (durability), because the face of different daily traffic conditions, workmanship, poor quality of the aerodynamic shock is often very prone to problems, such as closed Airbag leaks. Of course, by the combination of soft / hardware will also focus on driving comfort.
In order to reduce the cost of playing cars, some players will be different brands of pneumatic hardware, software installed together, this method is possible, but in any case, Air Runnner also introduced a pneumatic control kit, including pneumatic control computer, barometer, and independent lift Of the car control button (4 control four pneumatic shock), etc., although this type of control can not be from the car remote control car height, but this embedded installation does not damage the original car's overall interior, Look at this detail, often HellaFlush, VIP players pay more attention to these details.

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