BMW engine performance is good

2016-10-13 14:52:15 | 日記
In the field of high-performance vehicles, BMW M POWER has been a familiar and respected old friends, their level in the midsize car works in the M4 once popular on the praise. Although M4 was the benchmark for a variety of OEM tests, there are still a handful of people on Earth who feel that this beautiful coupe has a bit of "performance" in performance. In order to meet these crazy madman, BMW M department produced 700 "abnormal" version of the M4, and its name for the M4 GTS, at the same time, in order to allow them to be more thorough and lasting mad, the engineers decided to give 700 cars Of the engine "mixed" with water.
BMW M4 was originally equipped with a code-named S55 inline six-cylinder 3.0T engine, maximum power 431Ps (317kW), the peak torque of 550N · m. In order to further squeeze the potential of this engine, the BMW M sector and the world's No. 1 parts supplier - Germany Bosch cooperation for the M4 GTS on the S55 engine equipped with a set of original water injection system WIS (Water Injection System) The system had previously only appeared in some cars and extreme performance retrofits, and the M4 GTS became standard. The result is that they have built one of the most powerful M cars ever.
If you're lucky enough to be the 1 / 700th M4 GTS on Earth, then congratulations, you will have the most powerful BMW M POWER sports car in history; if your opponent is a M4 GTS, then you need to do Is to fill the water in the other party immediately before the run away, run farther the better.
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