Experience Skoda Kodiak

2017-02-13 16:36:56 | 日記
From the product point of view, SAIC-Volkswagen Skoda this time did bring a very competitive medium-sized SUV, the design is no longer like the Yeti has taken the minority line, the young and stylish design can meet more Consumer 's aesthetic habits. Interior design and work Although the performance is good, but for brand positioning reasons, the use of materials will be lower than the Volkswagen brand Tiguan L. Configuration because the model has not yet officially listed, so we do not know the specific distribution, but the shooting vehicle, the configuration should be more competitive Kodiak. And according to the dealer revealed a panoramic sunroof is likely to be the standard system. But also a few more regrettable places fit vw ignition coils, for example, we do not see this car in the overseas version of those small human configuration. As for the power, is expected to provide pre-1.8T and 2.0T two gasoline engines to choose from.

Finally, look at its market prospects, the last SAIC-Volkswagen Skoda will be its Yeti brought to the country after the positioning is not clear enough, coupled with the views of the brothers Tiguan models in the market has been difficult as a result, Small SUV market silvia S13 coilovers, sales have some improvement. The Skoda is a lot of smart, although Kodiak and just listed Tiguan L the same medium-sized SUV market, but these two models should not compete with each other more competitive relationship, and more should be complementary . Tiguan L relative to the Kodiak in the interior materials grade will be more particular about, and Kodiak provides a transit concept L does not have seven models 350Z Adjustable Coilovers can choose, and we have reason to believe that its starting price should be Will be lower than the Tiguan L. Therefore, from the product point of view, the performance of Kodiak can be described as bright spots, it is listed if you can have a reasonable pricing, the market performance is still very worth the wait.
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