Gorgeous stadium turned into Buick ads

2017-02-13 16:40:01 | 日記
Buick in the 2017 US Super Bowl during the game, released a lively and interesting advertising, together to enjoy the next. A primary school football game, dressed in No. 1 jersey team members fragile, the sidelines filled with the spectators of the students parents.
Parents and the sidelines of the coach are very disappointed with the performance of the child, when a parent driving the new Buick Cascada came to the stadium, the two fathers whether the car is not Buick to discuss, the child's father said: "If this is Buick, my son is Newton (Rugby Cameron Newton)!"
The voice of the newly hatched S13 200SX coilovers, just that the children were stacked pyramid instantly become a mighty high-profile Kaimu Newton, surrounded by opponents are dumbfounded, Newton ready to pass, his teammates are scared to quickly waved, The ball directly to the team score.
 The presence of parents and coaches are stunned fit nissan ignition coils, especially the "Newton" father, when a parent driving the new Buick Encore (that is, domestic Angola) arrived at the stadium, Newton asked the coach "that car looks like Buick" , Coach said, "If it was Buick, I was a supermodel!"
 Just over the coach turned into a child (supermodel Miranda Kerr), and the referee ran from the coach side in order to see "he" results embarrassing fell in front of the audience, two Buick cars fit nissan ignition coil will be able to have the scene Such a magical effect?
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