Volkswagen Tiguan long wheelbase version

2016-10-13 14:51:27 | 日記
Recently overseas media reports, Volkswagen plans in 2017 in the overseas market launch Tiguan long wheelbase version, the future of new cars will be SAIC-made public. In addition, Tiguan long wheelbase version of the spy is also exposed on the network.
From the spy photos, Volkswagen Tiguan long wheelbase version of the side compared to the standard wheelbase version of the models have significantly elongated, mainly reflected in the back door length, and C-pillar design is different, other aspects of little change. As a reference, SAIC VW made a new generation of Touzhou wheelbase for 2791mm, compared to Tiguan standard wheelbase models increased 110mm, while the car is adjusted to seven layout.
Power, the overseas version of Tiguan long wheelbase version will be equipped with 2.0T engine, the future of SAIC Volkswagen domestic version of the new generation of transit concept will also have 1.4T, 1.8T for consumers to choose. More news, we will continue to pay attention.
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