Alfa Romeo personality

2017-03-06 14:52:09 | 日記
Above without any "routine", all the truth, you see, controversial big? Like the people will think it is really great design, like Alfa Romeo has been the same, in the design can catch up with other models for 10 years; but do not like people always love, will it every detail Tucao for a long time The I think this is the Italian Style it, with the nature, not according to routines card.
In other words, from the designer's point of view, he himself is advocating this typical Italian design style: up to hegemony president of the exclusive administrative exercise car, down to pull the wind track artifacts, and all reflect the Italian for the passion and Sports yearning, which coincides with the Alfa Romeo brand coincide
As for the personality of the "inverted triangle" what kind of trouble brought about it? I think it is a lot of people concerned about the issue of the license. In the vast majority of Alfa Romeo models, the original design of the license position is in the "inverted triangle" on the left, but this does not meet the relevant laws and regulations in China. So the official in order to cope with this laws and regulations, and to ensure that the vehicle on the card, sales in China will be all the license plate hanging on the right, so many people worry about the "license block mouth" thing we can rest assured.
After analyzing the design, I think you should have a few things. Yes, this is an authentic Italian-style sports car, it is controversial, but the same, but also because of its sexuality, let its unique, the first to mention the movement caused by the drive What is the characteristics of light, this shape of light, it seems not easy to mess with.
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