The Value of the Control of Both Correct EDDY Coiover Introduction

2017-05-05 16:51:36 | 日記

In order to adapt to the domestic road conditions and consumer preferences, most of the models into the country, manufacturers will be equipped with a set of softer shocks, or even increase the distance from the vehicle; but it will make the vehicle lack of support, and the center of gravity High case. When the vehicle is running at high speed, the case of emergency dodge obstacles, the original shock may not be able Performance Engine Parts to provide adequate support for the body, so that a substantial shift in the center of gravity; at this time, most of the body weight will be transferred to the outer wheels On, it is easy to break through the tire friction limit caused the vehicle out of control.
Want to solve this serious impact on the safety of the problem, the best way to naturally upgrade the shock. Upgrade the shock way, probably can be divided into three kinds, respectively, is to replace the sports type to reduce the body spring, replace the sports suit shock absorber and replace the adjustable high and low twist shock; but the sports suit shock corresponding to less cars Of the price of the shock absorber is relatively high, if only want to slightly lower the car height and enhance the control, then replace a set of sports short spring can be competent, and the price is more real. At present, in addition to some well-known shock spring brand, the domestic also has a lot of design, production of sports short spring manufacturers, including the change of car technology Co., Ltd., EDDY movement short spring, that is, they launched the product.
EDDY movement short spring with unequal winding way, if the driving process encountered beyond the impact of the spring beyond the impact of the gap between the two springs are likely to squeeze each other, not only will produce a spring impact Sound, but also cause damage to the spring. And in the smallest gap between the two volumes of spring to add silent glue, you can avoid the collision between the spring, both to avoid noise, but also to protect the spring from damage.
Spring hardening will sacrifice part of the comfort; in order to retain comfort and improve vehicle control, EDDY movement short spring also uses a non-equidistant winding way. The use of non-equidistant spring-intensive areas of soft, sparse areas of the harder characteristics, through the dense area to absorb the fine vibration, to maintain comfort; through the sparse area to provide support for the vehicle to enhance the vehicle control. In addition, EDDY movement short spring can also reduce the height of the body 30-40mm, so that the vehicle center of gravity also will decline, reduce the dodge, variable the process of shifting the center of gravity, improve vehicle stability.
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