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Begin Photographed by Ben Sklar.SHARE IT comments See All SlidesFeb 14, 2015 10:50 AMConnie Wang Just a few years ago, the go-to signifier that you paid attention to the trends was buttoning your shirt all the way to the tippy-top. The new styling trick du jour seems to be the black ankle sock. Covering just the ankle bone (for shorties), or extending to the low calf (for tall girls), the black sock is being worn with everything from sneakers and loafers to pumps and sandals. The result looks just like a cool pair of booties. And, at Suno’s fall 2015 show last night, Erin Beatty and Max Osterweis showed that black socks went with everything else, too, from lovely, floral tent dresses to low-slung trousers. It gave the models a slight over-it vibe (which fit in perfectly with the?madwoman theme of the show), but it also proved to be a clever way to extend the shelf-life on summer shoes.Now — when the weather is in single digits or below — wearing socks with your sandals is about as stylish as showing up to your friend’s wedding in the buff. Yes, it makes a statement, but why would you do such a thing? But, as soon as the temperatures start climbing again, we’re going to be stocking up on little socks to wear with our black heels and strappy sandals to create a lovely faux-bootie effect that’ll toughen up our Moncler Black Friday Sales summer frocks. The key, as Suno demonstrates, is to make sure you’ve got at least a half-palm’s length of skin peeking from beneath the hem of your skirt or pants and the top of your socks. Any closer, and your leg will start looking stumpy. The experts' take, in the slideshow ahead.For all things?Fashion?Week?around the world — including street style snaps, designer news, and the trends you'd actually wear — head over to?Refinery29's?Fashion?Month hub.

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