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I often wonder how I'm supposed to say "recognize". Some pople say the word like re-ki-go-nai-z. I thought it supposed to be re-kog-naiz. So I finally looked up disctionaries. Here are variations I found on some dictionaries,


None of them look like rekigonaiz..

However, I found this one on Apple wedget disctionaly,


So is "rekigonaiz" minority?

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birch leaves became very yellow in recent few days. i saw frost on shade early on Friday. iwonder it would snow soon.

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I was lucky that I happend to be in Taiwan on a holiday. I didn't know May 31 was lunar calendar's May 5th.

I went to this town, the end of a subway line, and watched dragon boat races. It was only 20 minutes subway ride from downtown Taipei. I was surprised to see mountains and a clean river so close to a big city.

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I saw this lady in Shindan. She was walking up and down on a street shaking hands with people. I shook hands with her too. She looked very happy when we shook hands. She looked so happy and it made me feel a bit guilty..

I wonder she got elected..

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This building was by a hotel I was staying. I remember this area was totally undevelopped 15 years ago.. very cute building, looks like many chinese take out boxes stacked up. I heard this building is the tallest building in the world.

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I walked by this building around 10:45 a.m... a bit too early for Taiwanese shopping mall to open. So I couldn't see the inside. I think I have seen this building in simcity game.

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snow on the roof is melting and dripping down around my place. i wonder it will flood again like few years ago :(

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spring break since yesterday.. but it's -30F... why why

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It's March and getting lighter. I don't have to turn on light to find my house key anymore when I get home.
Busy busy till Apil 2.

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