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Road of the bilingual;Kanazawa 😁

2016-10-15 15:44:19 | æ—¥è¨˜
I went to Kanazawa with my husband the other day.
It was the first time to visit there to us.

We headed to Ishikawa prefecture by our car.

We left for there around 2 pm.

Car navigation system says,
it will take roughly 4 hours to get Kanazawa.

We 'd like to arrive the city until getting dark.

My driving skill is still too poor to drive a free way likewise 名神 (笑)

It's pretty busy and many delivery trucks are using, as you may know.

So I was just sitting a passenger 's seat.
I didn't drive at all

We could barely arrived Kanazawa before dark, around 6 pm.

And we found a 居酒屋 which seems to enjoy sea food dishes.

Sea bream and squid

Deep fried oysters

Grilled のどぐろwith salt

According to the server, this is one of a highly recommended dish at Kanazawa.

We enjoyed the local sea food.

When we went to out side, wow! It started raining so heavily....

If we go to the parking lot now, we'll get all wet

We dropped by a cafe to wait to stop raining.

That reminds me of an old proverb something like that it said by my friend's mother who is from Ishikawa prefecture.

Even if you forget your lunch,
you don't forget your umbrella.


Next morning,
We visited 兼六園.

After that we went to 近江町市場.

It was very similar to 黒門市場.
So crowded with sightseers.

Actually That's not my favorite, we left the market and went back to Osaka🚘

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