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Road of the bilingual; brush up my skill 英語スキルアップ😊

2017-06-09 21:54:48 | 日記
As you may already know what I do at current company with reading my blog so far.

I help with an overseas division.
My important assignment is to place orders every month to our suppliers.

She is also a staff of the international sales department at Chinese company ; one of those our suppliers.

We have to contact each other to request or confirm the delivery , quantity or quality something like that.

She told me about the history of the dragon boat festival little by little at the end part of her message.
It's a very traditional event and so exciting event among Chinese people.
It makes them much more livelier than usual.
At the same time, she told me it has a very sad story on a flip side.

If you're interested in about the dragon boat festival, please check it out on the internet.

You'll see a famous poet called Mr. Qu Yuan.

There is a long long story out there.
Thanks to her, I could learn a Chinese legend in English.
It helps to brush up my English skill.

It's Friday today.
I've been tired these days...
I found that it time to recharge my batteries

I've made a reservation an Japanese traditional inn at Kyoto to enjoy a hot spring there ♨️😊
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