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2017-06-29 23:59:39 | 生命と宇宙

Life occurs in the Universe Structure


Generally, we observe universe seems to be moving only quietly and regularly, and then we would regard it, as it is stable and not much change. However, with the advancement through modern science, we find various movements moving always in the microscopic area that we cannot see. Electromagnetic waves, such as light, flutter in the universe, the charge oscillates in the plasma of the space, and there is a movement called lattice oscillation even in the solid atomic and molecular masses. In other words, the microscopic particles are actively moving, and there is a possibility that they interact with each other.

On the other hand, we know life substances are actively moving by themselves, though the Earth originally had no life but slowly circulation of air, water on the surface. After living things occurred, the outlook of the planet changed, the circulation of food occurs in diverse organisms and constant oxygen level keeps, so life substances support the life-sustaining environment by life itself. Furthermore, since humanity appeared, it is in the momentum to change the environment of the earth independently, the world of humans with intelligence has remarkable progress. We feel that human society has become increasingly complicated at present time. Anyway, once life has occurred, it may promote the activation of the universe.

We hear that in the universe the elements structured by fusion in the inner heat, pressure or collapse of a star, gather and gradually create molecules and polymers by self-organization. If such substances tend to be organized, there may be a possibility that polymeric substances necessary for life will form in places where environmental conditions such as temperature and pressure suitable. In the earth, life organizations actually occurred, the “Consciousness of Life” appeared in the center of life form, and their consciousness has risen to intellectual life. Moreover, it seems that human beings who are intellectual life will grow their spirit or mind towards the future along with complication of society, apart from the bondage, contributing to only material circulation. If we are in such a flow of rising direction, the development of life itself may derive from some invisible process behind the universe.

Though scientists explain various life phenomena through observation and analysis of each life activity, it is hard to seek into the reason why it was so, and then they leave it as a coincidence or mysterious thing. We cannot know clearly why life occurred. That is to say, we can observe that life is spontaneously activating, and we can confirm alive on our own consciousness, but actually, it is not yet clarified what is at the root of the activation of life. I would like to identify the reasons behind the occurrence of life and the course of the development. At the same time, I believe that if there is any reason to activate life, it will solve such mental anxiety regarding that existence of life is not a coincidence. Apart from a truth or not, we can see a few rules behind the movements of life, and imagine that all substances are moving by the cosmic providence. The story here is only an idea, but it bases on the idea that there is a structure of great consciousness beyond time and it supplies energy to change. I will summarize it in the following items.

Virtual rules in the universe

1. Substances gather and complicate

2. Life occurs if conditions meet

3. The Consciousness of life rises

4. Spirit occurs in life

5. Extrapolation: Everything of Time already exists in the whole structure of the universe


The universe is like Feedback Structure


1. Substances gather and complicate

(Matters of the universe gathering and complicating towards life)

Even if there might be a possibility that the earth will perish, life phenomena would be constantly occurring somewhere, and the universe would sustain to develop life without extinction. It is because the universe seems to await the opportunity which life occurs, preparing the environment both necessary elements and the planet required for life. With regard to the materials of the universe, from the simple structure element of hydrogen, a process that generated towards complicated one such as carbon, oxygen, and the others. Then, atoms construct a molecule, and molecules further form a polymer. There is a mechanism by which complicated substances gradually generates. Without this complicated mechanism, there is no way to build a considerably complex organization like life.

Among substances such as atoms and molecules, there is a tendency for the attracting force to work and tend to gather, resulting in a variety of substances. It will show new features after substances tied together. There is a tendency for the collection of substances to gradually become organized and become complicated, even if the reason is not clear. We hear that there is a possibility that macromolecules such as amino acids and proteins form if the generated environmental conditions meet.

When the substances in the universe gather and become organized as macromolecules in an environment, the various combination of atoms and molecules inevitably generates many kinds of properties. They are not just homogeneity but towards diversity. Therefore, the probability of concentrating on the molecules required for life should be considerably low, because we can expect numerous kinds of molecules generated in such cosmic space. If we consider only accidental opportunity, there will not appear a life phenomenon, in order to average in every diverse direction for a long time. We need something to turn towards life.

Therefore, we need to think about a "trigger" caused to life, which spontaneously proliferates and activates substances, gathering a large number of atoms and molecules, forming a closed organization. However, life matters have not special substance for life, but are composed of ordinary cosmic matters. Then, the "trigger" that causes life to develop is to be contained in all substances, for example, inside each atomic nucleus. In my assumption, all kind of atoms in the universe have vibrations of “pre-consciousness” (such as particle fluctuation) that is the basis of life, and resonance of this oscillation will make a choice for life. Moreover, I assume this fluctuation of pre-consciousness transcends “time”. You may think it is a contradictory phrase, though.

In that case, I cannot stop thinking that atom itself has prepared a mechanism to cause life. In other words, atoms in the universe already structured for life so that life can be generated and activated. I think it is not such a strange idea that the trigger of life is hiding behind atomic nucleus.


2. Life occurs if conditions meet

(Pre-consciousness causes life)

In the universe, we know various elements formed in the vicissitude of stars and we know life occurred in a planet within like Solar system. There is already a way that develops life, by preparing elements for life, and the planets that are moderate temperature and pressure, as it seems cosmic fundamental flow. In short, the universe structured so that life will occur. If so, we can expect that life may occur in the universe anywhere. Here, we will think how life occurs. Even if a large number of proteins, those are macromolecular, exchange any elements chemically, they cannot proliferate and activate like organism. In order for a collection of molecules to keep active as a closed tissue of life, it should need a system to control the overlap of functions there. In case under condition that life has to construct a system beforehand, how could life occur? For example, we know DNA as complicated polymer, and it is the same structure in almost life beings. That polymer chain composes of a double helix structure, and it divides the information into two pieces and efficiently transmits information to offspring. How did such a DNA structure? Was it being built little by little?

If you say that the ways derived from much accumulated coincidence over a long period, I think it is not correct. Because it is necessary for life occurrence, not only to accumulate diverse combinations but also to judge for life good or bad as the results. We cannot judge that it is efficient unless we look into the result after becoming an organized state considerably passing of time. Moreover, when we observe life phenomena, various complicated states overlap and realize a function simultaneously with all elements. In other words, in the realization of one cellular function, the flow of all the substances involved in it seems to operate in accordance with the prescribed direction of the appropriate script. Here, I assume “pre-life” matters, those are pre-consciousness, have known the outcome in advance. They constructed the combination for life with reference to information beyond time, as if we can re-build a better structure from the feedback information. In other words, in the universe there is a structure where information in pre-consciousness derived from the future with respect to the occurrence of life, so that life, which is a complex organization, has become possible.

It is pre-consciousness to carry out important work in this thread. Information accumulated in the fluctuation of pre-consciousness, it is spreading in the universe, and it shares beyond time. When many substances gathered by the resonance of pre-consciousness, the direction towards life appeared there, this tendency gradually dominated. When the aggregate of pre-consciousness grew bigger, it could choose suitable pre-consciousness with reference to the information realized in the future. When they became closer to the structure of life, the aggregate of pre-consciousness gradually being centralized and changed to "Consciousness of Life". When an aggregate of pre-consciousness completed integration as a closed organization, it became one "Consciousness of Life", which governed totally an individual and that individual started to activate and be alive. That is to say, life is the characteristic that unifies centrally resonating and consolidating many pre-conscious fluctuations in the circulation of substances between combinations.

In the early stages of the universe, pre-consciousness did not have the information to build complete life yet. However, when planetary environments arranged, many elements increased, and there created many molecules, then a direction to life arises. In other words, at this early stage, due to lack of information, it was not possible to build up life and needed a long course of failure processed, but various information towards life has accumulated in the pre-consciousness. Then, by repeating experiences, the constructing information for life fills up in the fluctuations of the micro-particles of the universe. A fluctuation towards life at the nucleus center of each atom shares the direction to life, and the more resonate with the others, the clear the way to life focuses. After this long process, organizing pre-consciousness that leads to life, at last centralizes to appear as “Consciousness of Life”, and life is born. It generates energy from the circulation of the unbalance and balance state in the cell, by effectively combining the function of the enzyme. Life expands to organisms that are more complicated, simultaneously utilizes the shared information in pre-consciousness. Moreover, according to the living environment of the individual, the organisms will be able to select flexibly the suitable opportunities and to increase the diversity. A direction of life depends on the information accumulated in pre-consciousness, which constructs “Consciousness of Life” of that individual.

In other words, the pre-consciousness in the preliminary stage of life, referred to the accumulation of the shared information, chose combinations favorable towards life among all opportunities, and it could reach the life. Moreover, the “Consciousness of Life”, which is an integrated unit of much pre-consciousness, has made the organization rising complicated, which achieved to consciousness aware of own self as humans. In order to activate as a life substance, it is impossible to realize unless it consciously chooses advantageous situations among many opportunities. In addition, it is impossible to reach intellectual life unless “Consciousness of Life” knows the direction to go forward.


3. The Consciousness of Life rises

(Evolution means more complex over time)

From the research results of paleontology, it said actually that the evolution of living organisms complicated tissues and functions, and evolved from simple cells to complex organisms. In the process, from the behavior that reacted only to the stimulus, organisms selected to change advantageous direction for the survival according to the situation. Then, the nervous system appeared to develop as transmission pass to control many functions, and grew up the brain to expand the behavior pattern, and the function of the brain further diversified and became more complicated. This course could be regarded as the same as rising in the level of consciousness that recognized surroundings and reflected in actions.

In other words, the evolution of especially mammals is a process that follows the way that consciousness becomes clear, and it develops intelligent in the cerebrum. We know the fact that not only life occurred in the universe but also the life has reached intellectual life. It is necessary for us to think scientifically about what is in the essence of this flow. In the universe, there is a process of the flow, in which life occurs, then life becomes humans, risen consciousness, humans will evolve further. If the axis of this flow continues to the ultimate, it may be good to think that the flow connects the last state of universe, from which pre-consciousness shares information affected as feedback.

Here, we will re-consider about time. The time (vertical time) that we feel everyday in our life represents the course of living with others, but the time (horizontal time) of the universe seems to be different. Let us imagine a big flow in the universe, the whole structure including the time from the beginning to the end, already exists in the whole system. Moreover, the whole structure may be variable due to the change occurred along the way. Every actual material contained in its overall structure is in a position of its own current position in the flow, which is leading from the past to the future and it continues to expand from the previous position. There is not a constant amount of time, but it is better to think that time is re-defined every time according to the changes expand the information of consciousness.

The time (horizontal time) considered here is not the measurement standard of physics, but is defined as the rising change itself to the higher degree of the universe, so it means the change of the whole structure itself. When there is a change in which the life matters step up to next complicated direction, that change requires a flow of time as reference system. Apart from whether it is free choice or pre-determined, in a network where all the materials mix from the beginning to the end of the universe, everything is caught in the movement of the whole structure of universe, each particle has a special position of space and time in the system. In this case, we cannot think that time is common or constant in every area, especially horizontal time depends on the whole structure of the universe.


4. Spirit occurs in Life

(Consciousness born at the root of matters, apart from matters)

In the biological evolution, when we focus the nervous system of mammals, there is a process of consciousness rising along the development of the brain. With the development of the nervous system, the brain becomes complicated and it develops various area and controls many functions in it. As the result of this flow, humans awake to their own consciousness acquired language and thought, and reach the stage where humans can clearly control their actions by their consciousness. When those consciousnesses create their own actions, generating energy from the motivation to realize the goal, and try to act efficiently by trial and error. We can think the future, make a plan, and act positively to overcome the difficulties. Moreover, we know that efficiency will improve not only to do by individuals but also to collaborate with friends or colleagues. However, as the number of the joined member increases, they forced to overcome hatred and controversy due to the friction and the tension, and these stresses make them deepen their experiences. Moreover, by this intensive reflection with members, we will improve to support the further activation of our spirit.

Humans already head towards activating the spirit beyond material things, we can generate energy in the spiritual domain, and this spiritual energy turns us to facing the inner side. The spirit actually bases on a physical body, but it aims for the development into an unlimited space where the body as matters cannot reach. In short, consciousness has achieved a world of spirit when it came to humanity stage. The trace of life, which departed from the aggregate of pre-consciousness hidden behind the core of atoms, it centered at “Consciousness of Life”, it directed to intellectual life. In short, life departed from substances as a body and will proceed to the spirit world. Such pre-consciousness seems to be the information itself hidden in fluctuation rather than existence as a substance. Moreover, this pre-consciousness seems to be the root that makes all substances exist in the three dimensional universe. However, we do not know clearly at present time, but I think, life aims for the development of the consciousness in order to progress spirit higher.


5. Summary & Extrapolation

 (Feedback Structure of Universe, every “Time” already exists in the whole structure)

Even though the chances that substances in the universe gathered and chemically combined happened many times, I suppose that only accidental events could not build organisms from combinations of the substances. That is because the mechanism of organisms is considerably more organized and complicated than the ordinary matter of the universe, life could not be accomplished linearly from accidental combinations. Furthermore, it is necessary for the organisms to occur “Consciousness of Life” to sustain alive beyond generations. Therefore, we have to assume necessarily cosmic mechanism to generate life.

In the initial state of the universe, there should have been no phenomenon of life activation. However, after the elements necessary for life generated, in the course of arrangement of appropriate environment, I imagine how life occurred here. Life came up as life organisum that a unit structure closed by themselves, proliferated and became active by themselves. Living organisms have powerful and diverse functions for maintaining life activities and the individuals control completely as one unit. Even a simple unicellular, the organism is a rather complicated structure to build up from various bondages of basic elements. Therefore, I think a hidden vibration towards life already in the basic elements (atoms), and it is always working to resonate towards life. I call it pre-consciousness, it is the existence like minute fluctuation (vibration), and it can accumulate information over time in it. In other words, I think that pre-consciousness can share information from the beginning of the universe to the end, and it can get the necessary information of building life from the future as feedback operation. By doing so, I believe that pre-consciousness could realize a selective combination to form a structure suitable for life generation.

In other words, information on life occurrence in the initial state of universe was poor, but at last aggregate of pre-consciousness experienced the optimum combination of polymers and the mechanism of the membranes, resulted the shared information with all pre-consciousness. That information could be taking feedback beyond time. As a result, it seems that the efficiency of the mechanism of life occurrence has gradually approached completion. Let us think a little more, as if there exists already the ultimate of the universe, and pre-consciousness gets the feedback information from there. The whole universe has a loop structure that transcends time, and the future and the past are cooperating within fluctuations of pre-consciousness. Even in that situation, each substance in each organism will be moving with its own time as the “Consciousness of Life”. In short, the whole universe is in a loop that transcends time through pre-consciousness.

In the early stage of the universe, life did not easily occur even when molecules combined. Time was still meaningless until life was not occur, because there was no dynamic change caused by life activity at all. At that stage, the ultimate of the universe also ended only with keeping the state of no much change. However, once the pre-consciousness of many substances resonate and gather, and gradually become organized and grab the opportunity to create “Consciousness of Life”, the meaning of the ultimate comes to appear, and then the state of the ultimate could decide the result. The ultimate of the universe will change according to the state of the aggregation of the “Consciousness of Life”. The ultimate situation affects the shared information of pre-consciousness at the beginning of the life. In other words, the initial state can be defined by the ultimate state in the loop structure on the horizontal time. Life may take a long time to appear, but due to the trace from the ultimate universe carved into the pre-consciousness, it proceeded the course of life and approached “Consciousness of Life”.

“Consciousness of Life” has strong power to sustain alive. This consciousness drives the life to rise, and generates the energy derived from the activation to aim rising. Therefore, the energy of this activation occurs by means of the confidence that the future already exists. I think that the past and the future exist and mix in the context of pre-consciousness, and it has the ability to know the state of the future that is ahead of the present situation. In other words, pre-consciousness is able to get the information from what will realize in the future, and utilize it in the present selection, and furthermore that future will change by that choice. Such the process of life occurrence created the time (horizontal time) in the course from the past to the future, filling up with a variety of changes there, and fostering the direction to raise the spirit.

When the initial life was born as a source of all actual living substances, it knew the direction to grow skillfully step by step, anticipating that it will achieve a consciousness of the spirit that human beings will reach in the far future distant. I can assume a possibility of "Feedback Structure", because of the fact that consciousness of life had raised and realized humans it has made it possible to rise to the spirit by repeatedly organizing a lot of diverse factors in a direction that raises consciousness. That is to say, by means of a mechanism that will be able to know the information that realized that advanced state by referring to the state of the future consciousness, a source of life is affected by the cosmic system that greatly loops.

Just to say my extrapolation here, consciousness structure in the universe is in the set of a great ring of the spiral structure that goes beyond time, and from the beginning to the end there exist simultaneously, the whole becomes one big structure. In this structure, the information in the fluctuation (pre-consciousness) at the preliminary stage of life is influenced from the realized status in the future. That is to say, we also exist as a part of the spiral structure, but the time of our everyday lives is recognized as a different time in our consciousness. I assume here that the progress of the rise in consciousness is horizontal time, as compared to vertical time in our living.

In the initial whole structure (horizontal time), since there was not any life phenomenon from the beginning to the end, there was not so much change until the ultimate at the end. However, after the occurrence of life, if there is a change in the situation of consciousness, there will be the ultimate change. If there were major abnormalities in life activities such as collision of the planet, it would affect everything afterwards. In other words, in the whole structure, the past will change according to the future, as well as the future will change according to the past. In that case, the pre-consciousness is originally in another upper dimension and may be impossible to capture. Or it may be the source that realizes the substance in three dimensions. If so, what is the universe realizing in life activity? It seems to me that at this point there is a mission that life phenomena play in space and time. Of course, we cannot directly recognize the structure of the whole universe, but my imagination will spread further, if we consider that our existence influences the ultimate of the future as well as the beginning which existed in the past.

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