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Taking Advantage Of Social Bookmarks

2015-08-31 11:52:32 | 日記
By making use of online social bookmarks you can really boost your site traffic. If you are trying to get traffic geared toward your niche to your site, then social bookmarking can be extremely effective. This brings in people with like-minded interests to share information relevant to the topic.

Social bookmarking utilizes tags to create a 'folksonomy', or social tags to web pages. The majority of social bookmarking works publicly. But if you choose, you can create a password protection to only allow people from a certain group to view and share your bookmarks. Or you can keep them totally private, it's your choice.

Anyone engaging in online business should take advantage of the power of social bookmarking. It gives you a presence in the online community, and creates exposure for yourself and your interests. It's a unique way to gain a reputation online that can spell dollars for you if done correctly.

Sharing information is what social bookmarking is all about. People who hold the same interests can pass new information back and forth and keep up to speed with latest news and trends. Search engines are a good way to search for information, but the information you find from social networking can be much more to the point and relevant, not to mention easier to locate.

Lots of sites now offer online social bookmark managers. Here you can store and organize your bookmarks without cluttering up the space on your own site. It's a very convenient service and most of these sites are totally FREE.

Yes, by searching for your information through the search engines, you're going to get a lot of links that are similar to what you want, but not quite what you want. This can lead to hours of searching for just the right page. But with social bookmarking you get relevant information quickly, and this makes it a valuable tool for any business website.

Your readers and followers can find your bookmarks if they're public, or if they're in your group. They can share your information with others, and send people your way who are interested in your particular niche. The social effect is viral and spreads quickly.

Using the tag list allows you to bookmark hundreds of web sites, and still have them in an easy to use format. By categorizing your tags, you can instantly click on them and see all relevant bookmarks for that topic.

If you want to try using online social bookmarks yourself, then register on a social bookmarking site. A good one to start with is del. Icio. Us and it's very popular. There are many others to choose from and the list is massive. You can add your bookmarks manually, but most of these sites will offer a toolbar to put on your homepage that allows you to bookmark sites as you surf.

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